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Kutani Porcelain Manufacturer
Kanazawa-City, Ishikawa

Japan Kutani to customers worldwide

The Kaburaki Kutani Porcelain Shop, established in Kanazawa in 1822, was the very first Kutani merchant family business. It has been handed down through the generations to the present 8th.
At the height of Kutani porcelain production during the Meiji and Taisho periods (1868-1926), Kaburaki Kutani pieces were regularly exhibited at various venues at home and abroad, as well as at world expositions. It was during this period that Kaburaki gained its well-deserved reputation for innovation and top-quality.
The Kaburaki Kutani business has been in existence for 190 years. We cherish our traditional methods and techniques, and at the same time, endeavor to create novel products for our customers both in Japan and overseas.

Kutani-ware (Japanese overglazed porcelain)

At the upper reaches of the Daishoji River, deep in the mountains, there was once a village called Kutani. A stone monument marks the spot where the Daishoji Clan (a branch of Kaga Clan) established a kiln in about 1655, to make use of local porcelain stone. The porcelain-ware created there was later called 'Ko-Kutani'. Rich over-glaze colors applied with fluid brushwork – green, yellow, red, purple and blue – give KUTANI porcelain its characteristic beauty. However, for reasons unknown, only half a century later the kiln was abandoned. About 100 year later, KUTANI porcelain was revived under the patronage of the Kaga clan. Various styles competed and combined to develop into the over-glaze techniques that have been handed down to this day. In modern times, the gorgeous Kinrande style has become well known in the West as 'Japan KUTANI'. KUTANI porcelain, which combines the artistry of Ko-Kutani ware and the utilitarian beauty that developed from 'revived KUTANI', continues to evolve.

Motoyoshi Kaburaki

Eighth Generation Proprietor of KABURAKI Kutani
Motoyoshi Kaburaki
Born in Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture, into a family of famous Kutani-ware manufacturers, Motoyoshi Kaburaki has inherited the commitment of the previous family heads and, imbued with their founding spirit of ‘making the value of Kutani-ware known internationally’, is taking up the daily challenge of conveying new possibilities of Kutani-ware to the world.

Steeped in the atmosphere of the old castle town of Kanazawa, the Kutani-ware Kaburaki Shoho is located in the Nagamachi Samurai District. The complex includes a shop, an atelier, galleries and a restaurant that serves cuisine on Kutani-ware.
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