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Manufacturer of Jikatabi

Manufacturer of Jikatabi (Japanese split-toe shoes) and professional safety work products established in 1919

Currently, Marugo is manufacturing a variety of split-toe shoes including training shoe hitoe, comfort shoe tabiRela, heavy duty shoe Air Jog with air cushion integrated and sports shoe Sports Jog for athletes, which all are developed based on the Jikatabi's ability to increase the power of the toes and bottom of the foot.

Taking advantage of the unique footwear function (split-toe shape) possessed by Jikatabi, Marugo will continue to develop new products for various fields such as sports, health and medical care as well as safety work shoes.


A split-toe comfort shoe - tabiRela

tabiRela is a new type of footwear that realizes the fitting feeling of Jikatabi on the sole and the loose-fit feeling of espadrilles on the instep. Because of the split-toe structure, there is no pressure across the toes, providing bare-foot feel and comfort. You can walk in a balanced and firm sense as if you grabbed the ground directly with your toes.

Lightweight and foldable tabiRela can be compactly stored in tote bags or backpacks, making it suited for carrying around.


● Using 100% cotton canvas of Takeyari that is a well-established canvas manufacturer in Japan
● Packable shoes that can be folded in half and fit in a small bag
● The comfort and lightness of barefoot feeling
● Skin-friendly 100% cotton quilted insole
● Flexible non-slip rubber sole
● Can be worn barefoot
● Washable

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