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In Japan, a super-aging society has arrived, and it is said to be "A century life". In this super-aging society, Mintentech Co., Ltd. wants to contribute to society through the development and sale of various products that use the keyword of health, such as hydrogen inhalers, to support a more fulfilling lifestyle for everyone.

Hydrogen is now known to exert great power not only as a clean energy but also in the fields of beauty, health and medicine. The power is "antioxidant power". Aging is related to the oxidation of the body. Hydrogen reduces and removes active oxygen that causes "aging".

Also, Hydrogen gas inhalation therapy has been approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as Advanced Medical Care Class B and medical institutions such as Keio University School of Medicine are doing clinical trials for the application to the cases with severe brain and cardiovascular diseases.

The hydrogen molecule H2 is the smallest and lightest of all molecules. On the earth, it is difficult to stay in the air, and hydrogen molecules contained in water, such as hydrogen water, pass away as time passes, and soar into the universe.

Therefore, by inhaling the hydrogen molecules that have just been generated by the machine directly, they can be taken into the body well, and can reach every corner of the body and have a great antioxidant power.

Although the effect of hydrogen is not something that anyone can immediately realize, we have received many voices of joy every day from many people who take in hydrogen in some way, such as those who are inhaling hydrogen and drinking hydrogen water.

In the future, we will do our best to make even more people realize the wonderfulness of hydrogen. We want to continue challenging with the changing times and provide attractive products and services with the best teamwork.


MT-A100 Hydrogen Generator

We have been developing and selling hydrogen generators since 2000 as a pioneer of hydrogen generators. The current model started selling at the end of October 2018, and in just half a year, the cumulative sales volume reached 300 units. In addition, there are no initial failures at all and our products have been receiving very high reputations from our customers.

With excellent design, there are five types of color variations: black, white, gold, silver and red. During operation, you can observe the hydrogen bubbles generated when the viewing window of the aquarium glows blue. It is a stylish appearance as a fantastic space object.

During operation, it is a quiet design that makes a slight motor noise and a crisp small noise when hydrogen bubbles are generated in the water tank. You can use it while working, relaxing, or even sleeping without worrying about your surroundings.

The hydrogen gas generator requires only purified water as pure H2O. As it does not use any impurities such as electrolytes, so there is no generation of unnecessary or toxic gases, you can inhale the output safely. The amount of hydrogen gas generated is about 100 ml / min in terms of 100% hydrogen gas concentration.

Pour purified water into the reservoir, turn on the power, set the operation time, and press the start button. Hydrogen generation starts immediately, and the generated hydrogen is diluted with air and comes out of the outlet at a safe concentration. Attach the dedicated cannula to the outlet and inhale through the nose.

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