High-volume or Custom orders | ALEXCIOUS

ALEXCIOUS showcases a variety of exceptional, top quality items designed and created in Japan.

As souvenirs at events or special gifts for clients or guests, we proudly recommend our products on any occasion.

In case you are in a hurry, need high volume of products or want to send to multiple recipients, please feel free to contact ALEXCIOUS Customer Service anytime.

ALEXCIOUS Customer Service

Please provide us the following information:

  1. Item Name and quantity
  2. Desired delivery date
  3. Shipping country
  4. Payment method (If you cannot pay by PayPal)

(Reply within 24 hours on business days.)

If you wish to customize or other similar products that are not on ALEXCIOUS

If you haven’t decided which to choose, we’ll hand-pick and recommend based on our expertise! Customize service such as logo ironing, name engraving or painting is also available depending on the product.

Please feel free to contact us anytime. Quotation or consultation is free of charge!

Examples: Items and Occasions

  • Urushi-Lacquered Glass in a Chic Gift Box


    As souvenirs for special guests at a party. The client requested something more unique than normal Kiriko or Urushi-lacquered products.

  • Cast Iron Teapot/Kettle


    For use at restaurants and gift shops at a luxury hotel. The cast iron kettles are unique in colors and lid design compared with other popular kettles, which is favored by the customers.

  • Genuine Gold Leaf Hand-Mirror


    As novelty products for special customers. It boasts the quality and elegant design that satisfies the most selective customers in the beauty & cosmetic industries.


    Offered with a brand logo.