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Connect people's prayers to the sky and lead to happiness

"Thera" is the name of an ancient Greek woman who healed many people and became the origin of the words Therapy and Temple. Our company THERA develops method therapy products from raw materials, based on traditional Japanese herb therapy, pharmacology, and perfume culture. We deliver these products to people living in this modern world pursuing their health and beauty. And we want to heal people like Thera in ancient Greece by doing this activity. THERA products are all Made in Japan with some of the galenicals and herbs grew from raw material cultivations. We hope to contribute to the health and beauty of everyone living in various environments today, by reviewing the therapy culture and thought to exist in the country since ancient times and by introducing in a professional and easy-to-understand manner of our natural products.


Skincare product line born in the background of Japanese fermentation, brewing, yeast, and enzyme cultures with more than 1,000 years of history

Enzyme cleansing powder

Based on the ultimate blue papaya enzyme developed by Mr. Kentaro Kanai, the forerunner of enzyme research, we blended domestically produced plant ingredients for each purpose. The proteolytic enzyme papain obtained from the milk of papaya fruit removes waste products of the skin and keeps the skin tissue in clean and healthy condition.

Japanese sake skincare products

Made of special Junmaishu (Japanese sake made of rice and rice mold only), sake cake, charged water of Hakko, a local sake brand of Morikawa Breweries in Hiroshima, its skincare power of sake recently recognized among skin care industry and society, gives your skin healthy moisture and transparency.


Maki Hashimoto

Maki Hashimoto

Today, plenty of information and things overflowing in the city, people are living a busy life. Why do we feel uncomfortable with many things convenient surrounding us? In recent years, incidents and diseases occurred which had never been seen or heard before. Also, we experienced terrible natural disasters several times. In such fluctuation of a living environment, our ways of thinking and living are changing.

Involved in health and beauty business, I was wondering if the herb and enzyme therapy things are a boom or a trend coming from the West. But when I checked into it, there has been a similar idea in Japan since 1000 years ago. Also, I found that it started in my local area, Nara.

In these recent years, people's awareness of health and beauty has also started changing. Instead of taking various supplements supposed to be good for our health and beauty, facing our own mental and physical conditions and by treating the body and soul healthy and beautiful using natural ingredients, our body becomes demonstrating the natural self-healing power and immunity. By incorporating naturopathy and traditional Chinese medicine into our life, you gain natural beauty. I hope to share such historical wisdom with everyone.


Nara was the east end point of the Silk Road. More than 1,300 years ago, in Nara, there were international culture and trade exchanges, where a unique Oriental culture was born. The culture of medicine, pharmacology, perfumery, and health-and-beauty started in this era. Traditional Japanese herb medicine is noteworthy. The idea of phytotherapy that came from Rome a long way reaches Japan through Asian countries and has been changed and cherished according to the climate of Japan and people's lives. ‘THERA’ is a brand that guides products based on health beauty culture transmitted to Japan from such ancient times.

We would like to deliver Oriental Beauty from Nara to everyone in the world. The company representative, a healthcare creator, works in collaboration with local Nara's industry, government, and academia, and THERA is now working again to review the ideas and materials of traditional herb therapy and propose them to the modern world. Some medical herbs used for THERA products are grown locally in Nara.

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