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Why we exist for you is to provide you with happiness and peace of mind. And our company is there on a daily basis when you find yourself in need. That is the kind of Re:you Corporation we aim to be.

We put our customers' needs first and strive to provide innovative, high-quality products and services. We will do our utmost to enrich our customers' lives and understand and meet their needs and desires. We constantly seek to improve customer satisfaction. We not only pursue profits, but also place importance on contributing to society, sustainable business practices, and support for local communities. We value building relationships of trust with our customers, partners, and society, and we will do so with integrity.

We want to be a company that values human connections.

That is Re:you Corporation.


HO-1200 Hydrogen and Oxygen Generator OOMPH

Molecular hydrogen H2 has excellent selective antioxidant properties; it does not act on good ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species), but selectively binds only to bad ROS, turning them into water and detoxifying them. Research is underway to utilize this antioxidant effect of hydrogen for health maintenance.

OOMPH is a high-performance, high-capacity hydrogen oxygen generator that can generate 800 ml of hydrogen and 400 ml of oxygen per minute. It is easy to combine hydrogen inhalation with oxygen inhalation and experience the effects of both hydrogen and oxygen at the same time. It is used not only for home and personal use, but also in beauty salons and esthetic salons. It is compact and easy to carry.

It can be used by a wide range of people, from the health-conscious to those who are concerned about their health. It is also appreciated as a gift for loved ones whom you want to stay healthy forever.

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