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Keiko Hori

Keiko Hori

Beautiful melody and picturesque sound Keiko Hori, a sound artisan

Keiko Hori is an expert on beautiful melodies and picturesque sound making. While the music itself has an appeal that inspires the imagination, it cannot be described in words how moving a live performance is. The sound that is deeply heart-gripping, the power of the performance coupled with the pure personality of the artist often moves the audience to tears.

Since in her creative process she takes inspiration from everyday things that would be overlooked in everyday life, many of her fans claim to "notice" things through her sound. She is a sound artisan who does all of the music production herself.

She has experience not only with music, but also with photography and video, her artistic activities are comprehensive. Her sound is reviewed as "music that should exist, but doesn't."

Keiko Hori

Keiko Hori's First Album "TENKAWA"

Keiko Hori is a musician/filmmaker who is active mainly in the Kansai region. Her debut album "TENKAWA" has become a hot topic with reviews like "beautiful melody and picturesque sound that is centered around the piano", "a landscape that spreads out in front of each listener". The album contains 10 songs. The composition, instruments, producing for all the songs and the cover art for the album has all been created alone by the artist herself, a completely independent artist. A sound collage that weaves together the piano and the backtrack that pierces the current music scene. Music that surpasses genres, an album with a rich sound that stimulates the imagination. Also remixed by mabanua.
Keiko Hori

Keiko Hori

Musician, filmmaker
Keiko Hori

Live Events

  • March 2011: Live concert in Fukuoka (Charity concert for the Tohoku Earthquake)
  • October 2011: Kyoto National Cultural Festival performance "1111 pianists" (Chosen as one of 5 groups from pianists from all across Japan, performed a live concert. On Ustream, received most comments out of the 5 groups.)
  • January 2012: At Togatoga Kyoto, performed a live New Year concert
  • February 2012: At Togatoga Kyoto, performed a live concert lasting for 8 hours
  • September 2012: Live concert at Dorogawa Onsen, Tenkawa, Nara
  • December 2012: Christmas concert
  • May 2013: Performed as a guest at Kyoto UrBANGUID
  • August 2013: Performed a dedication performance at Tenkawa Shrine Tanabata Festival (solo performance on a Noh stage)
  • November 2013: "Live at Osakajo Yaon" (Osaka Castle Outdoor Concert Hall)
  • August 2014: Live concert at "mona records in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo

Video Works

  • February 2013: In charge of music for the short movie "Hoshida Yamatecho" (video by director Shohei Shiozaki: maiden feature-length directing work "Akaneiro no yakusoku" with appearances from Shido Nakamura, Kana Mikura, Takashi Sasano)
  • May 2013: Wrote an original theme song for a non-profit organization
  • September 2013: Nara Gakuen - In charge of music for the introductory video for the education institution (video by director Shohei Shiozaki)
  • March 2015: In charge of music for the promotional video for Doshisha University
  • March 2015: Production of video and music for the short movie "Goshikicho" (Five-colored folding book)
  • December 2015: In charge of music for Short Movie "Nicchi mo Sacchimo" directed by Shohei Shiozaki

  • 【Additonal Production】
    ★Produced PV of Kinokuniya Jinnpachi Ryokan founding 300 years.
    ★Produced PV of aroma and beauty salon "Se:ange".
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