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Nursing Care & Healthcare
Fukuoka City

Gardner Corporation

Gardner is a company that aims to create products that bring the pleasure and comfort of users in the world.

Gardner president originally is a person who likes to invent things with 48 patent applications under his name. When his parents were ill and hospitalized long years, he learned how difficult a task hair washing was for them. Through the experience, he started the idea of Room Shampoo product which enables easy hair washing while they were lying in bed. As the prototype brought to a show, inquiries from news media and care specialists rushed in. When Room Shampoo introduced on TV after that, there came many positive responses from a variety of industries; including medical care, nursing care, barber & beauty, sports training, disaster prevention, and pet grooming.

Gardner continues working on the development of nursing care and healthcare products as an inventor who helps people in the world.


Room Shampoo

Room Shampoo is revolutionary hair-washing equipment that enables to wash the hair of a person sitting in a chair or lying in bed without getting his/her clothes wet.

A push button installed on its showerhead controls the flow of the shower on and off, and the showerhead itself sucks the wastewater instantly to avoid shower splashes. It is patented equipment that enables hair washing outside the bathroom or shower room without getting wet.

The equipment is ready to use by just connecting it to the hose of a household vacuum cleaner (Please check the list of compatibility). It takes only 5 minutes with only 1 liter of warm water to complete short hair washing.

The whole process of the Room Shampoo hair washing is simple so that you can reduce the time and burden performing hair washing without getting wet.

Not only for barber and beauty specialists but ordinary people may also enjoy the benefit in a variety of situations, such as nursing care requirements, under a water-shortage period or doing pet shampoo in a living room.


Katsuyoshi Fukuyama

Katsuyoshi Fukuyama

Born in 1959. After graduating from the university, he became an instructor of Japanese martial arts, Karate at the University of Hawaii. Then he engaged in several jobs such as an elevator technician, or a sales and development staff of the packaging materials manufacturer. He then established Gear-lab as the developer and manufacturer of fishing gears. Also, he established Gear-Lab USA in Los Angeles. He took an advisory role of product development at the packaging materials manufacturer again. Eventually, he established Gardner Co., Ltd. for the product development of long-term nursing care, healthcare, and beauty care.

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