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Natural Silk Skincare Cosmetics

Connect people's prayers to the sky and lead to happiness

SORAYUI is aiming for the succession and development of the culture of Japan. We produce goods and services to you conveying the spirituality of Japan.

"Root of life is the root of the rice in Japan." This means that we do not forget the heart of gratitude, honestly sincerely, so that feelings and prayers will be fulfilled richly, We would like to be such an existence that connects people's minds strongly and supple.


Delivering Japanese spirituality, connect people's prayers to the sky and leading to happiness

The thought of "keeping the youth" and the idea of ​​"circulation" that have been ancestral in Genji and Ise in Japan. Always keep life alive and fresh, healthy life force and youthfulness. Miya wood which is renewed in Shogun in the year. The old Miya woods will reborn as it is reused, and at the end all of it reverts to the earth. This cycle has continued for 1300 years and will go on forever. As the shrine, our products are the gift for you who lives preciously one day at a time.

TOKOWAKASUI - allways youthfull and Stylish -
Natural silk skin care cosmetics pursuing Japanese unique beauty. Using "TOKOWAKASENSENSUI"-A fine sacred water flowing through Ise and "TENSAN"-A gift from Satoyama in Japan - contains silk · fibroin of the forest's Jade.
Fresh, smooth, moist texture will makes you very happy. We did not give up on the tenderness to the skin and fine quality.

Aroma oil & spray series drifts the scent of sacred fertility. Original blend of scent based on Japanese cypress, plant-derived 100% pure essential oil. It is wrapped in a serene scent as if you are in the forest of Ise. Moments of richness and full of peace for you.


Miki Ogihara

Miki Ogihara

I care about telling the spirituality of Japan.
Be honest in good faith, without forgetting the heart of gratitude.
We aim to be a corporate presence that will enrich our thoughts and prayers, and connect strongly and flexibly to the people's minds.


"I'm not sure who is there I feel, but I am thankful and my tears overflow and it will not stop."
This was written by Buddhist priest Saigyo when he visited Ise Shrine with his incredible impression.

It is said that you refrained from directly expressing the name of Ise Shrine because you are devoted to Buddhism. Is't it an episode to convey Japan's "Wa no Kokoro" who admired many gods in rich nature and adored it?

In 2016, the G7 Summit was held here. The reason is that it is "a place where the world's leaders can feel the beautiful nature, rich cultures and traditions of Japan" "Ise shrine has spun a history of eternity, a very good place to touch the spirituality of Japan" has been reported.

Ise Shima, as "the source of the country of Japan", that is in "sustainability" and "peace" As a power spot to disseminate to the world, The place is purifying and healing visitors today.

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