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Hinsandou by Maruyoshi fisheries

Hinsandou by Maruyoshi fisheries
Wholesale marine products
Nanba, Osaka

Fish made to order

Japan - a country surrounded by sea, nature and a wide variety of marine products. It would be an exaggeration to say half of the food items on sale originated in the sea. Surrounded by such great nature, Japan is continuously working hard to ensure nothing goes to waste and most things end up on a dinner table. 'Fish made to order' - the bridge between freshly caught fish and our dinner tables.

Hinsandou by Maruyoshi fisheries

A product that makes you realize the greatness of the sea once on your dinner plate.

Japan has approximately 30,000 kilometers of coastline. The type of marine products you can catch all depend on the season. The way you catch it and then ship it also changes. As a professional connoisseur, Maruyoshi Fisheries sells the finest selection of products from all over Japan.

Hinsandou by Maruyoshi fisheries

Muneaki Marumoto

Muneaki Marumoto

The representative of the company was a reckless person who started the company from nothing. A man who know everything there is to know about cooking, restaurants and the coast. Finally branching out abroad. 

wei liqua`n

Sea cucumber creator. A man passionate about dried sea cucumbers. A man who had so many requests in China he couldn't return home. At the very least, his work should be shown to the world.

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