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Ginza NJ Premium by NET JAPAN

Ginza NJ Premium by NET JAPAN
Trading and refining of precious metals
Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Japan's premier gold crafts sales showroom

Ginza NJ Premium is a general trading company from Net Japan (a division of the Orix Group Investment Company) . We deal in precious metals, diamonds, jewelry, brand name watches, and metal works. We opened in October, 2014 as the greatest golden handicraft sales showroom in domestic to manage.
Ginza NJ Premium's metal works are made by modern craftsman and celebrated artists who take great pains to produce these traditional Japanese crafts, which can be passed down to children and grandchildren as treasured family heirlooms. Ginza NJ Premium would like to introduce our customers to the interwoven brilliance and impeccable coloring of our gold works.

Ginza NJ Premium by NET JAPAN

Ginza NJ Premium's Suggested Gold Works

Pure gold tea utensils

From the individually crafted raised design to the handles and fine detail work, each finished piece is a thing of beauty. Ginza NJ Premium's kettles and teapots are adorned with number of raised designs, varied enough to suit each piece while giving it a superior, three-dimensional quality. In order to prevent the handles from becoming too hot while in use, they have been wrapped in wisteria wood - elegantly combining both form and function.
Ginza NJ Premium by NET JAPAN

Hideo Haruyama (BISHU)

Master of craftsman in metal, granted Ojuhosho (Medal with a Yellow Ribbon for industriousness)
Hideo Haruyama (BISHU)

Born in Showa 26 (1951) in Tokyo's Musashino City, from 18 years old Yoshihide began training in the art of metal embossing and its related techniques.
In Heisei 5 (1993), at the first All-Japan Gold & Metal Works Exhibition, his flower vase entitled "Chouryu (Tide)" took the Tokyo Metropolitan Labour & Economy Bureau Director's top prize. As a result of winning his first exhibition, where a second work of his, a drinking vessel entitled "Shouzui (Good omen)" also received an honorable mention, Yoshihide has become widely recognized as a true professional standing at the forefront of design. As a leading figure in metal working, in Heisei 19 (2007), Yoshihide was publicly acknowledged by the Minister of Health, Labor & Welfare as a "Present-day Craftsman". His "Pure Gold & 18 Carat Gold Orin (Buddhist bells)" have incredibly clear tones that even the latest technology cannot reproduce. Due to his preeminently individual techniques and unique sensitivity in continuously attempting new works, in Heisei 24 (2012), he was awarded the Medal with Yellow Ribbon for Outstanding Service.

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