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Hydrogen generation volume equivalent to that of hydrogen oxygen generators used in the medical field

Hydrogen inhalation is also being used in China to treat a new type of coronavirus (COVID-19). The National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China (NHC) has incorporated acid-hydrogen inhalation (66.66% hydrogen/33.33% oxygen) using an electrolysis hydrogen inhaler into its standard treatment in the seventh edition of the guideline, and it has been reported that it has shown some effectiveness in relieving the symptoms of critically ill patients.

The power of hydrogen in the spotlight 1: Antioxidant power

Oxygen, an essential element in life, once taken into our bodies, turns into various reactive oxygen species with high reactivity. In recent years, research has advanced about the effects of these active oxygens on diseases and aging, and many reports conclude that bad active oxygens such as hydroxyl radicals and peroxynitrite oxidize healthy cells and damage genes.

Hydrogen has an excellent selective antioxidant effect, which does not act on benign reactive oxygen species but only acts on malignant reactive oxygen species. It combines with hydroxyl radicals and peroxynitrite to turn them into non-toxic water. As a result, there is also an effect of suppressing inflammation caused by oxidation. Various scientists and companies have started researches expecting to utilize this antioxidant effect and anti-inflammatory effect of hydrogen potentially maintaining human health and anti-aging.

The hydrogen molecule is safe as the human intestine also generates it. There are two ways to take hydrogen molecules into the human body from the outside, either ingestion of hydrogen dissolved in water or inhalation of hydrogen as a gas. In terms of the efficiency taken into the human body, the inhalation is far better than the ingestion.

The power of hydrogen in the spotlight 2: Activation of mitochondria

It is said that the human body is made up of approximately 60 trillion cells. Inside these cells, there is a crucial organelle called the mitochondrion, which produces the energy necessary for our survival from sugars and oxygen obtained through diet and respiration. It is often referred to as the energy production factory of the cell. It is known that inhaling hydrogen activates these mitochondria, invigorating the cells. The research paper cited below suggests that the activation of mitochondria leads to the activation of immune cells, including dendritic cells and killer T cells, which results in enhanced immune function.

  • A research paper reporting that hydrogen contributes to the activation of immune cells

  • The power of hydrogen in the spotlight 3: Blood flow improvement

    Endothelial cells in the innermost part of blood vessels have the ability to produce and release nitric oxide (NO), a vasodilator, when blood flow speeds up. However, as we age, this function is weakened and blood vessels do not widen, causing arteriosclerosis. It is known that hydrogen administration increases the nitric oxide production capacity of endothelial cells, causing blood vessels to dilate and improving blood flow. Many people report feeling a warm sensation throughout their body after inhaling hydrogen, and there are numerous accounts of improvements in symptoms of poor circulation since starting hydrogen inhalation.

    Consider introducing the easy-and-safe hydrogen gas inhalation therapy in your home.

    Approved by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as an advanced medical treatment B

    Hydrogen gas inhalation therapy has been approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as Advanced Medical Care Class B. Medical institutions such as Keio University School of Medicine are doing clinical trials for the application to the cases with severe brain and cardiovascular diseases.(Ends March 23, 2022)

    The effects of oxygen

    It goes without saying that humans cannot live without oxygen. The term 'blood oxygen level' became common during the coronavirus pandemic, and devices like pulse oximeters were widely used. When oxygen is inhaled, the oxygen concentration in the blood increases, which dilates the pulmonary vessels and reduces the strain on the heart. This can also lead to the prevention and mitigation of heart failure. Furthermore, inhaling oxygen ensures that it is distributed to the brain, which can be beneficial for symptoms of depression and cognitive functions.

    Inhaling oxygen at the same time as hydrogen can also prevent hypoxia.

    An ideal hydrogen and oxygen generator for home use

    OOMPH is a high-performance, high-capacity hydrogen and oxygen generator that is conveniently suitable for home use. It is capable of producing industry-leading volumes of 800 ml of hydrogen and 400 ml of oxygen per minute. By utilizing both hydrogen inhalation and oxygen inhalation concurrently, users can experience the benefits of both hydrogen and oxygen simultaneously. It's not only ideal for home or personal use but can also be utilized in beauty salons, esthetic clinics, and sports gyms. While it has a weight of 9.8 kg, it is compact and portable for easy transport.

    It can be widely used by everyone who is health-conscious on a daily basis, as well as by those who have health concerns. Additionally, it is appreciated as a gift for loved ones whom you wish to remain healthy for many years to come.

    A hydrogen and oxygen generator with superior design and quiet operation

    With a stylish design that stands out, all operations are easily managed with just a light touch on the front touch panel, which comes with an audio guide (the audio guide can be turned off). During operation, you can observe the bubbles of hydrogen being generated as the viewing window of the water tank illuminates in blue.

    While in operation, it is designed to be quiet, with only the soft motor sound and air-cooling fan noise, and the pleasant subtle sounds of hydrogen and oxygen generation within the water tank. This allows you to use it without concern for disturbing those around you, whether you are working, relaxing, or even while sleeping.

    Use purified water only

    The hydrogen gas generator requires only purified water as pure H2O. As it does not use any impurities such as electrolytes, so there is no generation of unnecessary or toxic gases, you can inhale the output safely. You cannot use any water other than purified water, such as tap water or mineral water. It is also necessary to always keep the tank clean. Purified water can be purchased at pharmacies or through online retailers.

    The composition of the generated gas has been confirmed as follows by a reliable third-party inspection agency.

    - Inspection at the hydrogen gas outlet

    • Hydrogen 99.9991 %
    • Nitrogen 8.9 ppm
    • Oxygen Undetected
    • Carbon monoxide Undetected
    • Carbon dioxide Undetected
    • Methane Undetected
    • Hydrogen flow rate:800±50 ml/min

    - Inspection at the oxygen gas outlet

    • Oxygen 99.9993 %
    • Nitrogen 7.5 ppm
    • Hydrogen Undetected
    • Carbon monoxide Undetected
    • Carbon dioxide Undetected
    • Methane Undetected
    • Oxygen flow rate:400±50 ml/min

    Continuous use for up to five hours

    If used continuously, it will automatically shut off after a maximum of five hours, but it can be used for extended periods by restarting it repeatedly. This feature is also convenient for use during sleep.

    The usage is extremely simple

    The operation is very simple. You just need to fill the designated tank with purified water, then press the power and time setting buttons on the touch panel, and the production of hydrogen and oxygen will begin immediately. The time can be set from a minimum of 30 minutes, in 30-minute increments, up to five hours. The device will automatically stop after the set time has elapsed, but you can stop it at any time by touching the power button on the front panel. Attach a bifurcated tube to the hydrogen and oxygen outlets on the unit, connect it to a cannula, and inhale the mixed gas of hydrogen and oxygen through the nose.

    Excellent durability and safety

    Hydrogen and oxygen gases are produced by electrolyzing purified water, and the 'ion exchange' technology, which separates hydrogen and oxygen, allows for the safe and rapid generation of both gases.

    Traditional electrolysis methods are often direct electrolysis types, which require regular maintenance. However, OOMPH uses a special PEM (Polymer Electrolyte Membrane) technology that offers high durability, and with clean usage, there is no need for maintenance over the long term. As a result, maintenance costs can be reduced, and the running costs for the purified water and electricity amount to approximately 13 to 17 yen per hour.

    Hydrogen gas is flammable, with an ignition or explosive concentration range of 4% to 75%, and an ignition point of 527 degrees Celsius. While there is no problem with safety under normal environmental conditions, actions such as smoking during inhalation or bringing a flame directly close to the inhalation port are strictly forbidden. Please absolutely refrain from doing so. Additionally, do not use the device in environments prone to static electricity, such as near televisions.

    The idea to invest keeping health

    The price of the OOMPH is not cheap, but on the contrary, it is not very expensive when you view it as a long-term health investment for yourself or your loved ones. The following are the estimated costs of cancer treatment as outlined in the NISSAY Data Book 2023(Sorry, it is in Japanese), but once you have a disease like cancer, you will be faced with significant unexpected expenses. The concept of investing in health, which aims to build a disease-free body on a regular basis, is an important concept in achieving a healthy and long-lived society.

    Product Details

    Selling Agency Japan
    • Set Includes:
    • OOMPH Main Body / Nasal cannula×2

    • Weight:
    • Body:9.8kg(345.7oz/21.6lbs)

    • Size:
    • Body:W215×D335×H360(㎜)

      Desktop type

    • Hydrogen and Oxygen gas generation:
    • Hydrogen:800ml/min, Oxygen:400ml/min, Mixed: 1200ml/min

    • Warranty:
    • 1 year from the day you purchase

    Kindly Note
    • This product is not a medical device.
    • The feeling of use and efficacy of the product may vary from person to person and is not guaranteed.
    • Use of this product is at your own risk..
    • Purified water is needed. One is included in the service. After using it, please purchase it at a pharmacy near you.

    ・All the products handling in ALEXCIOUS are the genuine products from the original makers.
    ・The colors in the product photos may differ slightly from the actual product.
    ・The design, specifications, appearance, and price of products are subject to change without notice.

    Customer Reviews

    • アトピーと不眠

      By N.F
      Age: 30s
      Country: Japan
      アトピーと不眠になやんでいましたが、アトピーは痒さ、乾燥、色素沈着が改善され、精神的にも楽になりました。また、夜も一度も起きることなく、よく眠れるようになりました。早い段階で効果を実感することができました。 I had atopic dermatitis and sleepless. Itching, dryness, and pigmentation have been reduced, and I feel better mentally. Also, I can sleep well at night without ever waking up. I was able to realize the effect at an early stage.
    • 強い副作用の心配がなくなりました。

      By T.M
      Age: 40s
      1日に2時間ぐらい使用しています。抗ガン剤治療中で、副作用が強く、白血球がさがりすぎたので、免疫力をあげるために使用していました。転移し、手術もできない状態でしたが、副作用は軽減され、抗ガン剤も中止していますが、一年間の吸引で、ガン細胞がすべて活動停止しています。水素吸入のおかげで毎日体調がよく、今は、抗ガン剤もしなくてもよいとの結果がでて本当にうれしいです。 I use it for about 2 hours a day. I am using it to boost my immunity because my side effects are strong and my white blood cells are too low during anti-cancer drug treatment. I was unable to undergo surgery, but the side effects were alleviated. I stopped using anticancer drugs, but after a year of inhalation, all the cancer cells were inactive. Thanks to hydrogen inhalation, I feel better every day. Now, I am very happy to hear from my doctor that I don't even have to take anti-cancer drugs.
    • 薬の副作用で起こる発疹が軽減

      By S.F
      Age: 50s
      右肺がんステージ4です。1か月ほど使用していますが、痛みと、薬の副作用で起こる発疹が軽減されました。 Right lung cancer stage 4. After using it for about a month, the pain and the rash caused by the side effects of the drug have been reduced.
    • 体が楽になりました。

      By 小林
      Age: 60s
      体が疲れやすく、糖尿病予備軍と判断されたので使用を始めました。体は楽になり、目覚めがよくなるだけでなく、検査の結果、正常値になりました。 I started using it because my body got easily tired and I was diagnosed by a medical examination that I might have diabetes. After using it, not only did my body feel better and I woke up better, but as a result of the re-examination, my blood sugar level was normal.
    • 血圧が正常値に

      By Ken
      Age: 60s
      時々あるめまいと血圧がたかかったのですが、血圧が正常値になり、夜もぐっすり眠れるようになりました。 I had dizziness and high blood pressure, but my blood pressure became normal and I could sleep well at night.
    • アトピーが改善し便秘が解消

      By O2
      Age: 60s
      もともとアトピーのため、抗酸化の薬を日常的に服用している。吸入した翌日、かゆみが軽減し、その後3日程度で便秘も解消。その後もかゆみは抑えられており、夜もよく寝れるようになった。 (I'm originally atopic, so I take antioxidants on a daily basis. On the next day after I started to inhale the hydrogen, my itching was reduced and also my constipation was relieved in about three days. After that, itching was suppressed and I am able to sleep well at night. - O2, over 60s, Japan)
    • 重症だった鼻炎が、、、

      By けいこ
      Age: 30s
      水素を吸い始めてから1ヵ月位たった頃、重症の鼻炎で悩まされてきた私は、気が付くと鼻で自由に呼吸していました。これは偶然だろうと思いましたが、その「偶然」がずっと続いています。水素を吸うこと以外、他には何も特別なことはしていません。この機械のお陰で鼻炎とさようなら出来ました。本当に感動しています!周りの友達にも自信を持っておススメしたいと思っています。 (I had been suffering from severe rhinitis for a long time, but about a month after I started taking hydrogen, I noticed that I was breathing freely through my nose. This must be a coincidence, I thought, but that "coincidence" has been going on since then. I don't do anything else special, other than taking hydrogen. Thanks to this machine, I was able to say goodbye to rhinitis. I'm really impressed! I would confidently recommend it to my friends around me. - Keiko, 30s, Japan)
    • 命の恩人

      By まつこ
      Age: 60s
      大病を患って長期入院しており食欲もありませんでしたが、水素を吸い始めてから体調が少しずつ改善しはじめ2週間後くらいから食欲も出て来て、今では普通に食事を摂れるようになりました。命の恩人と感謝しております。 (I had been hospitalized for a long time with a serious illness and had no appetite, but after starting to suck hydrogen, my physical condition gradually improved and my appetite came out about 2 weeks later, so now I can eat normally. Thank you for this lifesaver. - Matsuko, over 60s, Japan)
    • 水素吸入を続けます

      By M.A.
      Age: 60s
      私は3年ほど前に指定難病5の進行性核上性麻痺と診断され、それ以来水素吸入を行っています。お陰様で現在では進行も収まりました。当初は脳に認知症の兆候があるとも言われたのですが今ではすっかり無くなって認知症の心配はないそうです。これからも自分の為、家族の為に水素吸入を続けていきたいと思います。 (I was diagnosed with progressive supranuclear palsy, a designated intractable disease 5, about 3 years ago, and I have been taking hydrogen inhalation ever since. Thanks to your help, progress is now under control. Initially, I was told that there were signs of dementia in my brain, but now there are no signs of dementia and there is no fear of dementia. I would like to continue using hydrogen inhalation for myself and my family in the future. - M.A., over 60s, Japan)
    • 人間ドック結果良好

      By K
      Age: 60s
      Country: Japan
      1年ほど水素吸引を続けているが、人間ドックの結果も良好。血管年齢も若返り30代前半と言われた。吸い続けていると気力も漲ってくる気がする。(I have been drawing hydrogen for about a year and the results of the medical checkup are good. The doctor said my blood vessel age was rejuvenated like in the early 30s. I feel that my energy is rising as I continue. - K, over 60s, Japan)
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