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Okura Art China

Okura Art China
Pottery & Porcelain
Yokohama-city Kanagawa

Creation of the World's Finest Tableware

Established in 1919 with the vision of “creating the finest tableware”, which was later to become its corporate philosophy, Okura Art China continues to produce some of the world’s most supremely artistic porcelain pieces. Ever since the company’s foundation, its products have been used by the Imperial Household, by foreign dignitaries staying at the State Guesthouse as well as by first class hotels and restaurants. Producing hard porcelain of intense whiteness with velvety surfaces, Okura Art China is often praised as "Sevres Blue, Okura White". In order to create such pure white porcelain, a great deal of high quality kaolin is used. Okura Art China artisans developed & continue to hand down their excellent techniques, which contribute greatly to the creation of each masterpiece. Gloss firing at 1460℃, an exceptionally high temperature, is one such example. Headquartered in Totsuka, a suburb of Yokohama City, Okura Art China creates an array of the finest possible porcelain pieces at its nearby factory & is proud of its well-deserved reputation as Japan’s most prestigious luxury tableware manufacturer.
Okura Art China

"Blue Rose" Cup & Saucer

The delicate, sensual magic of these masterpieces is revealed... the moment lips touch... Since its initial release in 1928, the exquisite features the “Blue Rose” range remain unchanged. Indeed, it has become the most notable of Okura Art China’s vast array of superb creations. A unique technique known as “OKAZOME” is used to create the “mystic blue” coloration. Cobalt blue patterns are painted on the pre-fired white porcelain cups before firing for a second time at a high temperature of 1460℃. In the kiln, the cobalt blue paint sinks into the glaze softening the finish & adding a deep beauty to the design. Contrasting strikingly while adding a beautiful shimmer to the white porcelain, the handles & edges are hand-painted in pure gold (23k). Superb.
Okura Art China
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