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naft / Ginga-do by NAGAE

naft / Ginga-do by NAGAE
Metal Casting & Smithing Specialists
Takaoka-city, Toyama

naft / Ginga-do by NAGAE


Won the Good Design Award 2014!

Iron Fruit Basket - MIGIWA & AMIME have won the Good Design Award 2014.
Good Design Award is a comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system in Japan since 1957.


Combining traditional techniques & the latest metal moulding and processing technologies

NAGAE Ltd., who is the owner of the brand ‘naft’ & ‘ginga-do’, has been engaged in multifaceted metalworking business based on die-casting since 1954 in Japan. Their head office is located in Takaoka-city where copperware has been one of main industries for over 400 years. When you visit there, you feel that the industry has been carried on and acknowledged as the city’s pride. Under such a circumstance, they have been developing and manufacturing a wide variety of metal products, combining traditional techniques and the latest metal moulding and processing technologies. In recent years, they have started their own brand, ‘naft’, in collaboration with up-and-coming designers. They're trying to create classic and timeless home accessories with a sense of whimsy.
naft / Ginga-do by NAGAE

Japanese Zen Garden - Shizuka Mt. Fuji (Interior)

Enjoy Mt. Fuji at home!

Mt Fuji is one of the most loved mountains in Japan. Many artists have chosen the mountain as the subject of their paintings. Hokusai (1760-1849) painted Mt. Fuji reflected on the lake. Although the view, called "Sakasa Fuji (inverted image of Mt Fuji reflected on the water)", has long been admired by Japanese, it is a rare opportunity to be able to view the clear and panoramic "sakasa Fuji" image.

naft / Ginga-do by NAGAE

Hidekazu Kainai

Hidekazu Kainai
Mr. Kainai worked at a building material company to design and develop housing materials. At NAGAE Ltd.3, he is involved in developing exterior building materials and home accessories as in-house designer.
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