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COOKPOT by Ohshin

COOKPOT by Ohshin
Manufacturing of Kitchen instrument
Higashiosaka City, Osaka

Outstanding development capabilities cultivated through experience in responding to customer needs - “OK, we’ll manage it!”

Key products of Ohshin Co., Ltd have always been produced in response to their customers' needs.
Ohshin, who had originally dealt with business use products for restaurants, have realized many customers’ wishes — improvement of the kitchen environment, reduction of workers’ burden or higher customer satisfaction with their food — with various kinds of products such as work shoes, aluminum products or Induction Heating kitchen equipment. As Japanese food culture has spread around the world, these products have also been widely applied.
For happiness of workers and smiles of families who enjoy their meal time together, Ohshin continues to strive to develop their products that bear new values close together with their customers.

Founded in 1907, a long-established company in business for over 100 years

Ohshin Yoko, the predecessor of Ohshin Co., Ltd., was established in 1907 (Meiji 40) as a bullion dealer. They have later extended their businesses to work shoes business, aluminum business, and kitchen appliance business. Thus, they have supported people in the restaurant industry in Japan, and their development for over 100 years.

"Can you please work something out?" “OK, we’ll manage it!” ― the word of willing-to-change spirit

Oshin originally started out as a trading company without their original products. They carried boots as a work shoes but one day a restaurant owner asked one of their sales rep if they carry non-slip boots since his staff who wore normal work boots slipped and got injured. Although there were no existing products that came to his mind, he just wanted to respond to the voice of the customer " Can you please work something out?"... As a response " OK, we’ll manage it!", they have developed non-skid rubber boots on our own, and it was their start as a manufacturer.

Also Induction compatible products, the key products of their current business, are developed in response to a request from a customer saying "The era of Induction Heating is starting. We will need to have Induction compatible clay pots that cook as good as on gas.

Even though they are originally not a maker, if there are customers who are in trouble, they respond to them by making by themselves. They will develop a new product with passion if they never had manufactured before, by fully utilizing the technologies and knowledge they have. The willing-to-change spirit has nurtured their outstanding development capabilities.

Expertise gained through continual improvement process

As a manufacturer who carries out the whole process from development to retail sales, Ohshin has always been close to customers and listening to their voice. .In order to respond to minute and various demands that can't be achieved by machines, skilled craftsmen are making subtle adjustment while checking its finish one by one to realize ideal products, even at the highly mechanized manufacturing premises today. In addition, to materialize every single detail, they repeat improvement many times to complete one product. All these efforts support their development capability that cannot be easily copied by others.

COOKPOT by Ohshin


COOKPOT products are highly functional pots that are compatible with both gas and Induction cooktops, which is realized by new heating element made of specialty materials. Covering a wide range of utilities, such as steaming, boiling, cooking or frying, finely designed COOKPOT is the perfect blend of style and function and suitable for various kind of cuisine all over the world.

COOKPOT products are certificated as HIGASHIOSAKA Brand, which is granted to products created in Higashiosaka and requires high standards of "Only One", "Number One" or "Something Extra". Designed by an internatonally recognized product designer Toshiyuki Kita, who has also been engaged in activation of local industries in Japan, COOKPOT showcases the strengths of Japanese manufacturing technology to the world.

COOKPOT by Ohshin

Toshiyuki Kita

Product Designer / Designer of COOKPOT
Toshiyuki Kita
Since 1969, Toshiyuki Kita has worked not only in Japan but also in Italy and other countries on environmental and industrial design. During this time he has produced numerous hit products spanning multiple sectors for European and Japanese manufacturers, including furniture, liquid crystal televisions and other electronics, robots, and daily necessities. Many collections of his work are held by museums around the world including the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the National Museum of Modern Art, Paris; and the Munich Museum of Modern Art. Over the past few years, Mr. Kita has also engaged in educational projects such as seminars and workshops, in Japan and other parts of Asia as well as Europe. Mr. Kita considers it his life mission to work in Japanese traditional crafts and to help revitalize local industry.
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