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Kensaku Fujita

CUBE-WORKS / Otamatone Engineer


In 1997, Mr Kensaku Fujita began work as a product designer at Cube Co., Ltd after graduating from Kuwasawa Design School in Tokyo. The following year, he was put in charge of planning and development and began working closely with Maywa Denki ( ) among others.

Fleshing out Maywa Denki’s ideas and concepts, a new genre of innovative toys with a distinctly arty edge emerged from Fujita’s drawing boards. He created prototypes of:

  • SAVAO Series
  • NA-CORD Series
  • The hugely successful OTAMATONE was awarded the grand prize of the High-Target-Toy category at the Japanese Toy Award in 2010. In the spring of 2012, the bigger, fancier OTAMATONE DELUXE ( was introduced to make the world’s smile just a little bit broader.

    While developing Maywa Denki toys and instruments, Fujita continues to work with other artists and designers on their original ideas.

    Main products:

  • Maywa Denki products
  • Brockmann (GROOVISIONS-designer) figure series
  • Pete Fowler (UK artist/illustrator) figure series
  • Keroro Gunso series (anime)
  • HAPPY TREE FRIENDS stuffed ‘animal’ series (anime), gimmick key chain
  • Original products
  • PC GADGETS (USB Engine (, USB Chameleon (
  • CAM-BABY (walking baby robot)
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