Otamatone Video Competition

Thank you all so much for participating in the Otamatone Video contest. As every entry was wonderful, it was very difficult to choose the winners. The entries that weren’t chosen still made everyone who watched them happy – they were very entertaining. Through your efforts, I could feel the awesome potential of the Otamatone and would like to show this little instrument to the whole world through this kind of event. I will get in touch with the winners individually.

Grand Prize

From the committee

Yours was an incredible entry.

You took a world famous classical piece and played it with the little Otamatone using all its ability. I couldn’t take my eyes off your video until the end - Great music.

Congratulations on winning the Grand-Prize.


YOSHIKI's Comment



AK's Comment

I love this! Otamatone couple makes me smile and so happy, they kiss too! ☺ I guess that the pink head Otamatone is a girl but she takes lower part, great. Go girl go! Thank you for making such an inspirational & full of love video with Otamatone! love, AK

Chisako Takashima

Chisako Takashima's Comment

Your wonderful, original song made the Otamatone sound like children singing together. Your work is my personal favorite – Very cute.

Kazuaki Kiriya

Kazuaki Kiriya's Comment

Your choice of pop music and stylish video editing is a great match for the Otamatone’s funkiness.

Kensaku Fujita

Kensaku Fujita's Comment

Your video quality is perfect, and your playing of the beautiful melody is excellent with dexterous finger work. You made me believe that the toy Otamatone is a ‘real’ instrument, and I could feel your love of it by seeing the effort you put into creating the details of the character.

Novmichi Tosa

Novmichi Tosa's Comment

I was very surprised to see that such a wide variety of Otamatone videos were created! Some are highly sophisticated, the performers of which must have practiced very hard; some are elaborate visual expressions, while others recorded the Otamatone in a 'snapshot' like way. I'm sure the committee members had great difficulty judging these works from the same perspective!

From among these creative pieces, I choose beat boxer DAICHI's work as the winner of the Meiwa-Denki prize. DAICHI not only created his piece by playing the Otamatone, he also demonstrated that it's possible to collaborate with the Otamatone as a musical instrument. The level of composition and musicianship is outstanding – As it should be.

Ran Matsumoto

Ran Matsumoto's Comment

How wonderful that you can use both hands to play the Otamatone! If anyone reading this has ever tried to play the Otamatone, you’ll know how difficult it is. I want to give you an award for your technical proficiency. If I see your video on New Year’s Day, I’m sure my year will be a happy one.



I was really touched by your playing ability – Congratulations!

Yukihiro Atsumi

Yukihiro Atsumi's Comment

I like your sense of pitch and the sound quality you achieved. I felt like I was watching two Otamatone characters.

Yukio Yokoyama

Yukio Yokoyama's Comment

Your video will make people the world over smile while bringing tears to their eyes… Out-of-tune with a super-cute face!