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Carpentry & Urushi Lacquering Specialist
Hikone-City, Shiga

Tradition meets Design

“chanto” is the name of a product brand originating in Hikone City, Shiga. Lacquer, woodwork, gilding, carving, metalwork and other traditional crafts come together to form this brand. Hikone has a history of over 300 years as a production center of Buddhist altars. Originally developed through producing samurai armors, the delicate and precise handcraft techniques and artifacts by each craftsman are combined and utilized to create one ultimate art form. * “chanto” is derived from a Japanese word meaning “straighten up the back,” “to be concentrated on work” and “to do or work carefully and properly”.

Charming MATCHA Green Tea Bowl

These lovely bowls, originally developed for the enjoyment of matcha green tea, are also perfect for serving coffee, café au lait, and other drinks. Made of the finest quality Japanese cherry timber, they are designed to be held with both hands. The high thermal conductivity of the timber allows the bowl to be held comfortably even with very hot contents. Urushi lacquered on the inside and over the lip in a choice of classic matcha green or mustard yellow, they are beautifully simple pieces that show-off the natural grain of one of Japan's most prized timbers. A lovely gift for the green tea and/or coffee lover in your life.
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