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Precious Metal Leafing Specialists
Kanazawa-city, Ishikawa

Traditional Leafing for Today's Values

Representing both our brand & company, we trade proudly under the heritage HAKUZA name. Historically, the HAKUZA institution controlled the manufacturing and selling of gold and silver leaf.

In the name of HAKUZA, we continue to faithfully create leafing of the highest quality. With pride in our world-class techniques, we are at the center of the guilding & leafing specialists who continue to be a mainstay of Japan's traditional culture.

In the early Showa period (1925~1989), Genji Takaoka established the ‘Takaoka Leaf Shop’, which began manufacturing and selling gold leaf. Since then, HAKUZA has produced leaf to restore important cultural properties such as Chuson-ji Temple’s Konjiki-do (Golden Hall) – a UNESCO World Heritage site, and Nishi Hongan-ji Temple.

In 2002, we developed an absolutely unique, original leaf with an exquisite hue and texture. Known as "Pure Gold Platinum Leaf", there are no similar products anywhere in the world.

Gold leaf has a long history and tradition. We are working hard in various fields to match this material with today's values and have opened gallery stores in Kanazawa, Ishikawa and Nihonbashi, Tokyo.

Gold & Platinum Leaf Bangle

As versatile as it is beautiful, this distinctive accessory is an ideal finishing touch to any outfit, from jeans & T to ball gown. Enclosing Hakuza's absolutely unique precious metal leafing colors & textures, Towa-iro* or Kuon-iro**, this acrylic bangle exudes glamor in its simplicity.

* Pure Gold Platinum Leaf - Towa-iro (Eternal Color): 99% Pure Gold + 1% Pure Platinum.
** Pure Gold Platinum Leaf - Kuon-iro (Everlasting Color): 92% Pure Gold + 8% Pure Platinum.

The Glamor:
Versatile: Sets off any outfit
Lightweight: Doesn’t feel uncomfortable even if worn for long periods.
All seasons: While looking great on bare skin in summer, in the cooler months it looks fab on the sleeve of a light sweater.
Men too? Absolutely. The LL size is recommended for men.

Mina Takaoka

Managing Director
Mina Takaoka
Identifying deeply with the feelings and attitude of her father (President of HAKUZA Co., Ltd.) to gold leaf, Mina Takaoka decided to become his successor.

After working for a producing company in Tokyo, she joined HAKUZA in 1997. She has managed projects such as the "HAKUZA Hikari Storehouse" (opened in 2004) where she endeavored to communicate the new possibilities of gold leaf; the flagship store "HAKUZA Nihonbashi" (opened in 2010); and a concept shop to promote ‘a new style of beauty’ called "Chaya Bijin" (opened in 2012). Mina also produced the new "Gold Leaf Body Art" service, not to mention developing an original cosmetic brand called "CHAYA cosme".

Announcing, "Keep challenging for Leaf's aesthetic value" as an eternal theme, Mina actively seeks ways to express leaf’s inherent virtues and endless possibilities. She works tirelessly in many areas of the business - store operation, product planning, services and technological development. She is "a challenger fascinated by leaf", who continues to explore various fields in order to introduce, express and pass on "the true power and beauty of leaf".

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