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Washi Paper Artisans
Shikokuchuo-City, Ehime

Mizuhiki conveys the heart & mind of Japan that is reflected in the tradition

Mizuhiki is a strong, thin twine, traditional ornament that is made of Japanese paper Washi. It is conventionally & popularly used even today for special occasion like celebration or mourning.

The origin of Mizuhiki is traced back 1400 years. A hemp cord in red and white that was used to tie up gifts from overseas, which was called Kurenai in those days, was connected with the spiritual tradition in Japan and created a beautiful manner of respecting others, showing purity and holiness of the gift tied up with Mizuhiki. People confined their wishes in the package of the gift by using it.

Yamanishi is a Mizuhiki manufacturer located in Shikoku-Chuo City, the place of origin of the Mizuhiki industry in Iyo (Ehime in Shikoku Island) . Together with gifts that connect people, Yamanishi's products are conveying the heart & mind of Japan that is reflected in the tradition.


Stick Barrette & Kanzashi

Both the Kanzashi and the Mizuhiki Stick Barrette create casually elegant looks on medium to thick hair.

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