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Cosmetics Researcher & Manufacturer
Minato-ku, Tokyo

Simple & Elegant For Everyone Looking For Truly Natural, Radiant & Youthful Beauty.

Great skin begins with LENAJAPON

a simple two-step natural skincare product lineup that is made out of carefully-selected extracts of botanicals.

Our philosophy and values are simple and elegant:
To be honest and offer the safest, nontoxic products for your glowing skin to make all women (and men) around the world happy.

To keep your skin in tip-top shape, all you need is just two items:
a basic cleanser and moisturizer.
First, wash your face with LJ MOIST BAR to clean your skin with a smooth and soft finish.
Secondly, apply rich and radiant LJ MOIST BALANCE.

Yes, that’s all you need to restore and maintain the natural beauty of your skin. Beauty is more than skin deep.

Come and try LENAJAPON to bring out your skin’s natural inner radiance and be happy.

LJ Simple 3 Steps

Step.1 Double Cleansing
LJ MOIST BAR  >>product page
LJ MOIST BAR is a rich foaming face soap.
Professional Japanese craftsmanship has made possible LJ MOIST BAR that lathers extremely well by hand.

Remove make-up before whipping up a lather by hand using it.
Double wash your face. The initial wash gently reduces excess natural oils, while the second exfoliates without causing dehydration leaving a pleasant dewy feeling.

Step.2 Double Moisturizing
LJ MOIST BALANCE L, R >>product page
LJ MOIST BALANCE L nourishes the skin with a well-balanced mixture of water and oil. It contains a stable micro-emulsion of Olive Squalane Oil, helping make your skin smooth and youthful-looking.
LJ MOIST BALANCE R is perfect moisturizer when your skin is dry due to seasonal change, the living environment, stress or change of your physical condition. It contains an ample amount of moisturizing ingredients. In addition, Trehalose, Tuberose and Betaine help your skin moisturized longer and stay smooth.

Apply either LJ MOIST BALANCE L or R immediately after double washing your face. Reapply after the lotion has been absorbed. The first application moistens the skin, while the second should be generous as it promotes skin suppleness. The amount of LJ MOIST BALANCE you apply should be adjusted according to the season, the ambient temperature and the current condition of your skin.

Step.3 Protection
LJ MOIST SHIMMER UV(SPF30・PA++) >>product page
LJ MOIST SHIMMER UV plays three wonderful roles of moisturizing, protecting your skin, and making it naturally glow with a veil of light.

Apply just one or two pushes for your daytime skincare. Your skin will glow like a jewel the way you always want it to be.
To remove it, double wash with LJ MOIST BAR.

Reiko Kanise

the founder and CEO of LENAJAPON (LJ)
Reiko Kanise
Reiko Kanise was born and grew up in Fukuoka, a major southwestern Japanese city blessed with the bounty of nature.
In 1975, she joined Hakuhodo, Japan’s leading advertising agency, as a branding specialist and copywriter primarily in the field of food and cosmetics before becoming in 1999 President and CEO of Aeon Forest, the head franchisee of The Body Shop in Japan.

Her passion and dedication for setting women free from uncomfortable skin disorders led her to start her own skincare firm in 2007 and create LENAJAPON brand. It is now internationally recognized as top quality natural skincare products available online.

Natural Skin Beauty for All Ages

The glowing flawless skin you’ve always desired is no longer a dream if you know our simple beauty secrets—restore the skin’s natural moisture balance and cell turnover rates.

LENAJAPON products contains the Quince Seeds and other plant-derived extracts which enhance the skin’s natural moisture retention power. Enjoy smooth and beautiful skin with our Simple & Elegant method.

Quince is the most amazing fruit known for a rich yellow exterior, a strong pleasant fragrance and, above all, many health benefits. Greek mythology associates it with Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

The amazing effects are mainly attributed to the Quince Seeds which have the superb quality of moisture retention and permeability. After numerous trials and errors, LJ has succeeded in making the rare and delicate Quince Seeds essence into products to help make your skin rich and radiant.
All LJ skincare products contain the essence abundantly.Try and feel the difference.

The lotus flower is a symbol of magnificent beauty loved by many. The lotus root is an edible vegetable, and lotus germ extract from the ripened seed includes substances such as flavonoids which give your skin a luxurious glow.

Okra is known to have been cultivated 2000 years ago in Egypt. Its unique viscous texture comes from polysaccharides and it has a high protein content. It protects your skin from dryness and give it a smooth texture.

Glycogen can temporarily store the energy taken in from food. The source of energy, glycogen, is extracted from sweetcorn cobs before it is refined.It leaves a refreshingly smooth feel after use.

Prunes originate from the Caucasus district, well known as the land of longevity. Prunes have been used by humans for centuries, and they are even mentioned in ancient Greek poems. Prunes contain various vitamins (A, C, E and B groups).

The lychee was a favorite fruit of the Chinese Consort, Yăng Guifeī (Yang Yuhan). It is known as a beauty enhancer, and the lychee seed is commonly used in China.It gives moisture and resilience to the skin.

We fermented the juice from Italian Chardonnay grapes with lactic acid bacteria. An ingredient in LJ MOIST BAR, it removes dry skin cells and impurities. The fruit extract also includes fructose, sucrose, organic acid, minerals such as potassium, and amino acids.
Natural Skin Beauty for All Ages
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