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Toys & Gadgets Design & Manufacture
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

From Toys to Gadgets

CUBE manufactures a variety of toys and other items, many of which are geared towards adults. Lots of products are designed in-house, while others are devised in collaboration with leading artists from a range of genres around the world. The company also designs and manufactures a collectable series of fun, quirky computer gadgets.


It's a breeze to squeeze & tease out a tune with no keys!
Straight from Japan, the sensation known as the Otamatone has got to be the world’s quirkiest electronic musical instrument ever. Invented by Maywa Denki, the Otamatone is a great toy for kids, or a fun addition to any musician’s arsenal of unique instruments.

Most musical instruments don't have faces, and there is probably a very good reason for that; nobody thought of it before! Allow us to introduce one of the cutest musical instruments ever - and it has a face! It is a singing musical-note shaped toy which requires two hands to be played: while one hand holds and/or repeatedly opens and closes the mouth by squeezing the note's rubber cheeks to get vibrato (or any sort of wah-wah effect), the other hand controls the pitch of the tune by sliding the finger up and down the stem. The strip on the stem has no pitch labels or frets, so having a good musical ear is an advantage, but that said, you can easily just slide between notes, both for ease of playing and for even more musical effect. The distinctly Japanese Otamatone Electronic Instrument is wacky, adorable, and a great instrument for some truly unique electronic performances.

Toshio Sakai

Founder & President of CUBE CO. LTD
Toshio Sakai
Graduating Musashino Art University, Toshio Sakai's first job was as a record cover sleeve designer at CBS/SONY (Sony Music Entertainment). The next few years saw him take over the family business, followed by a spell running his own graphic design firm.

In 1979, Sekiguchi Corporation established a specialized division to create goods based on its hugely popular Monchhichi character. In response to growing demand, the division became a separate entity, Sekiguchi Creative House, and continued to develop with the help of Sakai who joined in 1980.

Sensing that the emotional value of tangible items would increase in tandem with the explosion of the virtual world, Sakai became interested in creating unique products to bring a spark of joy to everyday life. With this in mind, in 1995 he took over the Creative House business rights and established the CUBE CO. LTD. The company designs and develops new characters, while marketing various toys, dolls, and other goods.
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