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Junko Funada

Junko Funada
Kyoto-City, Kyoto

Welcome to the world of circus!

It's just like a wonderland that gently envelopes you... playful but adult, delicate and somewhat fleeting. On the theme of circus, Junko Funada has created this fantastic world of colorful totes that will shake your soul.

Flowery and delicate colors fill the world of circus, sparkling here and there on a canvas like the lights of seven colors. Contrast of large and small motifs creates infinite depth and rhythm, which makes you feel comfortable like floating in the air in your dream.

Created with a blend of techniques along with rich colors and nuanced lines of copperplate printing, her works show you various expressions like a spectacular circus.

Junko Funada

Portable art, original tote bag

While actively engaged in creating new works, Junko Funada launched a collection of products with her original designs. Though it took much time to reproduce the vivid multi colors on the thick canvas, she made no compromises on both designs with absolute attention to detail and usability & quality as a practical product.

With this amazing piece of art, you'll definitely attract everyone's attention!
Junko Funada

Junko Funada

Artist (Copperplate Printing)
Junko Funada

1982 born in Kyoto, Japan
2003 Australian National University as Exchange Student
2005 Graduated from Kyoto Seika University Faculty of Arts, Printmaking Course
2006 painting trip in Pari &Greece
2007 Kyoto Seika University Faculty of Arts as Research Student
2002 USJC Art Festa2002 KIRIN special prize
2004 21st Century Prints Grand Prix Exhibition 2004 prize / The 2th Art stream riverplace best prize
2005 Kyo - ten prize / The 4th Masuo Ikeda memory Art exhibition prize
2006 Kyo - ten prize / The 5th PRINT BIENNIAL Ikeda Masuo best prize Amuse artjam 2006 NISSHA prize
2007 Kyo - ten prize / "Hunt for This Century`s Leonardo da Vinci!"International Art Triennale2007 prize
2008 21st Century Prints Grand Prix Exhibition 2008 SHIN NIHON ZOKEI prize / 13th International Triennial of SMALL GRAPHIC FORMS, POLAND - LODZ 08 prize
2009 Kyo - ten prize

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