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Kaori Nakamatsu

Painter of Fine Porcelain & Glass


Whilst her painting techniques are based on those of Danish porcelain manufacturer, Royal Copenhagen, Kaori creates and hand paints her own designs on both fine porcelain and glass pieces.

As she is Japanese, Kaori’s work naturally carries something of the spirit, sometimes more, of the aesthetic sense of her home country, despite her base techniques being European.

Beyond her work’s exquisite beauty, Kaori creates ‘borderless porcelain’: “As our lifestyles have changed, and we are exchanging food culture between Western and Eastern countries, so we need tableware appropriate for any occasion.” Indeed, her pieces are suitable for any type of cuisine or table setting, not particularly European, Japanese, Western or Eastern.

Another reason for Kaori’s dedication to her art is that, as life becomes ever more automated, year-by-year the amount of hand painted porcelain being created decreases. Kaori is working steadily to revive and spread the beauty and value of hand painted porcelain through her refreshing, unique new designs and independent approach to her work.

In some ways nostalgic, yet at the same time elegant and dynamic, hand painted porcelain like Kaori’s brightens the atmosphere on special occasions as well in daily life.

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