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Message from CEO

ALEXCIOUS is a cross-border online discovery destination where you can experience two things; the fun of learning about and purchasing the most interesting, best quality products and works of art Japan has to offer; and by getting to know them, you can understand the passion, the challenges, and the innovations of the craftsmen who created the objects. Simply put, ALEXCIOUS is an unprecedented online platform where you can enjoy premium shopping as well as be captivated by the stories of the artisans.

Japan, a land of mystery and intrigue, was in the 1990s added as the only actual country to a list of the world's seven civilizations proposed by an American political scientist named Samuel P. Huntington in his work, "The Clash of Civilizations." His list includes (i) Western, (ii) Latin American, (iii) Islamic, (iv) Sinic, (v) Hindu, (vi) Russian Orthodox, and (vii) Japanese.

Japan, with a history spanning more than 16 thousand years, is a captivating blend of traditional values and leading edge modern technologies. The land has bred generation after generation of some of the world’s finest artisans, the knowledge, skills and techniques of whom have evolved with fresh innovations as they have been passed from father to son, mentor to disciple, to match the demands of each new era. Based on this strength, the latter half of the 20th century saw Japan’s manufacturing industry flourish to secure unparalleled global reach and success driving its economy to be second only to the US in scale.

Japan is home to many exceptional people, ideas, innovations, concepts, designs, technologies, products, cultures and appealing lifestyles. We believe this deep pool of talent and myriad of knowledge can and should be utilized to benefit people worldwide. Harnessing every benefit and the formidable power of the Internet explosion, and the endless innovations of digital marketing, we are determined to produce globally accessible businesses that introduce and deliver these Japanese assets.

Our mission with the ALEXCIOUS website, operated by ALEX Corporation, is to help Japan regain its prowess and further contribute to enriching the lives of people from every corner of the world. For more information on the company, please take a look at the following link.


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