Information Required under the Act on Specified Transactions

(This is information required under the Japanese law and is not applicable to any transaction with anyone outside of Japan.)

Distributor ALEX Corporation
Address Grand Front Osaka Knowledge Capital 8F,
3-1 Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0011, Japan
Telephone Number +81-80-1239-7574

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Representative Koichiro Tsujino

The sale price will be indicated for each product including consumption tax. (*1) (*2)

The currency used for the prices is Japanese yen.(*3)

  • *1The sale price is provided for each product (or in cases where the sale price varies according to the color or pattern of the product) on our STORE web page (hereinafter referred to as “STORE Page”).
  • *2No consumption tax is charged on item(s) for overseas delivery.
  • *3JPY on the STORE Page means Japanese yen. The STORE Page also provides the approximate prices (Approx) of products in U.S. dollars (USD) (hereinafter referred to as the “Approximate Price”). The Approximate Prices are provided to customers for reference purposes only and are not the actual sale prices. The Approximate Price, which is updated every hour, is an approximate price converted from Japanese yen to U.S. dollars using the currency exchange rate of Yahoo Finance.
Shipment We offer not only domestic shipment, but also international shipment. There are, however, some products for which we only offer domestic shipment. In these cases, this information is clearly provided on the product description Page.
Shipping Fee
Domestic Shipments
Flat rate will be charged in Japan
Overseas Shipments
Shipping fee depends upon the weight and size of the product(s) and the country or region to which the shipment is made.

There may be cases where tariffs, import duties or other taxes or customs fees, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “Tariffs, etc.”) may be imposed depending on the country or region to which the shipment is made. The recipient of the product(s) will be responsible for the payment of any Tariffs, etc.

Timing of Payment Advance payment
Method of Payment

PayPal online payment and Square online payment are accepted. You can simply use your credit card via either PayPal or Square.

In cases where currency conversion is necessary when you use PayPal, the currency exchange rate plus a conversion service fee (2.5%) as prescribed by PayPal shall apply.

For details on PayPal online payment, please see the “PayPal” website.

For details on Square online payment, please see the “Square” website.

Delivery Schedule of Products

Products in stock will be dispatched within 5 business days of the confirmation date of the customer’s payment.

Products out of stock will be dispatched as they become available. Orders will be cancelled upon providing the customer with notice for any products which are not available or out of stock due to any unforeseen circumstances and which will not become available in the future.


Upon request from the customer, the return or exchange of a product will be accepted where any defect (i.e. malfunction or damage, etc. which existed from the beginning or which occurred during shipment) is discovered as long as the product is returned to us (at our cost) within 10 days of the date of its arrival at the shipping address provided.

In cases where a product is returned due to any reason attributable to the customer, return of said product will be accepted only if it is unopened and unused, and is returned (at the customer’s expense) within 10 days of the date of its arrival at the shipping address provided.

When a product is returned, the amount which the customer paid to us will be refunded (Shipping fees will be deducted in cases where the product is returned for any reason attributable to the customer), but no interest will accrue with respect to the amount to be refunded by us.

Order Acceptance Period Orders are generally accepted at any time. However, orders for any product during a limited period sales campaign will only be accepted during the period stated on our website or notice.
Order Quantity Restriction No restrictions are generally imposed on the quantity which a customer may order. However, orders for any product during a sales campaign, in which limited stock is available, will only be accepted up to the quantity stated on our website or notice.
Condition of Sale Our website does not accept any orders which are made for the purpose of resale to a third party.