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Consumer Electronics
Tokyo, Japan

cado designs for atmosphere

With the philosophy of "designing the air," cado is a brand that creates "beautiful air" and "a comfortable air feeling."

cado is an emerging home appliance manufacturer founded by Nobuyuki Koga from Sony. Based on Koga's philosophy of "Creating Sony for white goods '', cado commercialized air purifiers, humidifiers, beauty appliances etc. The product design and performance have a reputation.


PETAL Aroma Diffuser

PETAL means "petal". Just as the pleasant scent of the petals delivers peace of mind, the design of the air delivers the energy that people need in a variety of situations. Being able to choose the air you like leads to a more comfortable space.

The new aroma diffuser and original liquid were developed with the background of designing the best air for the environment from the perspective of aromatherapy using essential oils extracted from plants.

Just as we seek comfort in a space by adjusting temperature and humidity, so we propose to choose and adjust the quality of our scent and our own breathing. Through breathing in the space where the scent expands, we formulate a formula that is expected to have a positive effect on the mind and body, so that we can move from just enjoying the scent to choosing and aligning the best air for the current environment and situation.

This is a new challenge that aims to enrich the quality of our daily breathing and space, and in terms of relaxation, plant-based aromas play a role in promoting health.

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