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ENERGY ROSE by T.H. Body Balance

ENERGY ROSE by T.H. Body Balance
Nishinomiya, Hyogo

To support beauty and health, restoring and healing the skin of women around the world.

In 2004, She opened a beauty salon mainly based on the active lymph old massage with her own treatment technique as a "supporting party for working women's health and beauty". Nearly 90% of visitors are repeat customers. Because the rushing life of working women, She has involved in the body maintenance of many women so far. Thinking that the balance between the mind and the body is the most important, "As the body becomes healthy and light, the mind will become light as well" is the belief of the salon. The salon holds events such as body care seminars, qigong seminars, and meditation meetings that you can practice even at home.

ENERGY ROSE Cosmetics is a cosmetic product that has further evolved skin care products containing rose oil used in the salon by making full use of experience and know-how as a beauty salon for many years. Taking advantage of the special characteristics from nature of the world's supreme organic Bulgarian roses to the fullest, the skin-friendly aroma skin care derived from natural ingredients and focused on "healing" and "aging care" for modern women. Effects of natural rose on health and beauty were noticed, aroma cosmetics with full of natural blessings for rose have been loved by kings and nobles since ancient times. She has created the ENERGY ROSE Cosmetics with the strong feeling that women all over the world should enjoy the moment that their youthful skin is healed and restored.

ENERGY ROSE by T.H. Body Balance

The combination of the world's supreme organic Bulgarian rose oil and Japanese blending technique.

Currently, roses are said to have more than 20,000 species in the world. Even among those numerous roses, damask rose has the strongest fragrance. It is often called "the queen of rose" and has been loved by many people. It is also said that both Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette also loved it.

Since ancient times, damask rose oil was used as a precious medicine to adjust the mind and body. Even now, in aromatherapy, damask rose oil is said as "the queen of aroma oil". It is considered to have effects like balancing female hormones and autonomic nerves, improving blood flow, moisturizing the skin, and being anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic. It takes a lot of time and effort to collect rose oil, it is said that 1g of rose oil requires more than 2,500 damask rose flowers.

Morocco, Iran, China, Italy and Bulgaria is well-known for damask roses. Bulgaria products usually have the strongest fragrance; its quality is highly valued all over the world, such as being used for European luxury brand perfumes. Within Bulgarian grown damask roses, there are those from a misty area known as Rose Valley where roses are taken from fields of native mushrooms. These are praised as the world's premium damask roses, full of a luxurious fragrance and a powerful vitality.

ENERGY ROSE Cosmetics is a cosmetic product blended freely with organic Bulgarian roses that are taken from "the valley of rose" in Bulgaria. Rose are very delicate plants conquered to others. It is said to diminish the scent of rose oil if you add other scent. In order to make good use of the scent of natural rose and its grace, quality and quantity of rose oil, and reliable blending technique are required.

ENERGY ROSE Cosmetics is a cosmetic product blended freely with organic Bulgarian roses that are taken from "the valley of rose" in Bulgaria. In July 2016, it was exhibited at Japan Expo in Paris, France. It is well-received even at France, the home of fragrance.

ENERGY ROSE luxuriously uses organic rose oil produced by Enio Bonchev Production Ltd. which was founded in Bulgaria in 1909. The company was awarded a gold medal from UNESCO after being valued for the production of high-quality rose oil at the International Conference of Essential Oils

ENERGY ROSE by T.H. Body Balance

Houshu Tanaka

T.H. Body Balance Co.,Ltd. : President & CEO, Beautician, Therapist
Houshu Tanaka

Born in Osaka in 1957 and married at the age of 25, engaged in the interior-related work as a company employee while raising one boy and one girl.

41 years old: She quit her job due to poor physical health for unknown reason. Hospitalized and wandered around treatment institutes for two years but didn't recover.

43 years old: A healthy encounter of the active lymph oil massage. She looked back at the time when she was so busy with her children, housework, job that she didn't have time for her own body and mind; she thought "there must be many women like me in the world". The feeling that "I want to be helpful for such women" arose, then she has decided to open a lymph oil massage salon.

47 years old: Active Lymph Oil Massage Salon, "Body Lab Plus" was opened in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture. Healthy beauty seminars and treatments are held not only in Japan, but also in Shanghai and France.

For the sake of busy women all over the world from her own experience, she has developed her ENERGY ROSE Cosmetic series focused on "healing" and "aging care" using the superior Bulgarian rose oils with their aroma effects. Self-care seminars, treatment schools, "Body lab supporting schools" are also held at companies and schools.

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