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In The Mood

In The Mood
Porcelain seller
Kyoto-City, Kyoto

We offer containers that bring happiness

The warmth of handmade product sounds so good.

People, trees, and mountains, perhaps these living things all originate from breaths.

Uneven kindness. Perhaps that is a gift from the heaven, only given to those from breaths.

The warmth of being handmade, born from there.

Even though it is a small thing, we think these kind of things of a great importance.

In The Mood

Simple and casual vessels that utilize the natural texture of pottery

We design products that are produced by young artists. We value the distinctive textures of pottery, while also designing products that are different from the conventional image of pottery.

According to traditional Japanese custom, every month we hold a meeting for a team composed of creators from different potteries and production areas from across Japan to exchange information, including techniques, and make the best use of it in the planning and development of our products. Different creators from various production areas and kilns making the one product in the same series is a unique feature of In The Mood that makes it stand out from other companies.

In The Mood

Tomihiro Miyoshi

Tomihiro Miyoshi

Opened a ceramics shop in Kitayama, Kyoto 25 years ago at the age of 33. The shop's products became popular in no time at all, and 16 further shops were opened in well-known departments stores from all over Japan. These days, the company has switched focus to product planning and sales.

Skills (sense of business) are also important, but the most important thing is passion!

Make progress by giving your work 120% with both your mind and body!

This is our conviction, and that's why we churn out one hit product after another.

We take the individual products we've received from different creators, potteries, and production areas, and group them by theme into one series. This new method gives our products breadth and depth, and allows us to express the sensibility of a new world through them.

The industry (those shops selling ceramics) has moved towards standardized products with few defects; on the other hand, the refusal of handmade potters to push the envelope has made it difficult to thrill or delight customers seeking those wares. We see things from their point of view, and we strive each day to fulfill our sense of duty: to ensure that the flame of handmade pottery is never extinguished.

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