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Hirosaki-City Aomori JAPAN

We aspire to provide hope and a taste of charm through our fully customized products and bring peace both physically and spiritually

We are part of a family of woodcraftsmen that has continued for four generations.
The company has made use of apple wood since my great-grandfather used furniture-making techniques to make Aomori Hiba ladders for use in apple growing.
Hirosaki is the top producer of apples in Japan.
Every year, many apple trees end their lives for various reasons.
Aside from being used as firewood, the trees have traditionally been destroyed. This is because thick and long apple wood suited for lumber cannot be processed and because the wood has many grains and is difficult to process.
Although apple wood is difficult to process, we believe that we can use our time-tested facilities and skills to create value.
This is the reason we still collect the wood from apple farms, then process and dry them into lumber.
Only about 50% of the wood we collect can be used as lumber, but we make use of local apple wood as part of our "Zero Emission Activity."

Apple Wood Dessert Dish

Egg-shaped wooden plates are rare, since they take more effort to make than a traditional round plate made with a woodworking lathe.
You can use this unique shape for creative uses such as serving espresso and chocolates.

Takayuki Kimura

Takayuki Kimura
"Born in the castle town of Hirosaki, Aomori prefecture to a family of woodworkers that continues from his great-grandfather.
After working at the design and construction division of a Fuji Sankei Group event and interior construction company, Mr. Kimura went back to his home town 16 years ago to join his father's woodworking business (Kimura Woodcraft Factory, Co.). The company had been established by his father who became independent of his main family business to produce furniture and store/home fixtures.
Mr. Kimura became president of the company ten years ago.
Eight years ago, Mr. Kimura started a wooden toy study group called ""Warahand."" The initiative includes woodcraftsmen, designers and Urushi lacquer craftsmen of Aomori prefecture that wished to join a joint study with the Aomori Prefectural Industrial Technology Research Center.
By request from Mr. Tada, the director of the Tokyo Toy Museum and frequent speaker at the study group, the group worked on the internal furnishings when the museum moved to Yotsuya.
Warahand was incorporated and Mr. Kimura became its representative four years ago.
The company receives requests from all over Japan to design and construct toys, play sets and custom children's spaces that make use of local natural resources."
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