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Highest Quality Makeup Brushes
Hiroishima-City, Hiroshima

Traditional craftsmanship creates perfect beauty

Kumano Town in Hiroshima prefecture is famous for producing Fude brush since the Edo period.

Here in Kumano, KASHOEN has been crafting high-quality makeup brushes using traditional craftsmanship and the passion of craftsmen, with over 140 years of heritage. The production of each brush involves as many as 50 different processes.

For each brush, they carefully select the best quality animal hair based on their original standard and produce brushes by hand from start to finish. To ensure the best quality, their president checks finished brushes.

They have never compromised on the quality of products since 1883 when the founder Shozo Takamoto started producing brushes. The quality policy is supported by the fact that their brushes were the first to be exported abroad, and they established a standard for today's makeup brushes. While succeeding the traditional techniques, they have opened new pages for the history of brushes with originality.

"We always supply products of true value." KASHOEN have been making their best efforts to achieve this challenge every day. They continue seeking elegance and beauty produced by Japanese traditional art and striving to introduce this impressive art to as many people as possible.


ROYAL KASHOEN E02 Powder Brush DRM Urushi-Tame* x Peacock

It's the epitome of Japanese artistry - 'ROYAL KASHOEN' is an unparalleled collection of high-quality, made-in-Japan makeup brushes crafted by Kashoen, with over 140 years of history, showcasing an exceptional sense of beauty. The soft touch of the natural hair at the highest class of SS is surprisingly comfortable. A signature lacquering technique of the late Ryuzo Okubo, who worked on a bowl used at the "Daijosai" enthronement ceremony of Emperor Akihito in 1990, is applied on the handle. This gem promises superb comfort while giving a breath of the Japanese culture.

*Tame is a technique where transparent (or rather translucent) Urushi is painted over colored Urushi, which makes the texture rich and clear.


The late Ryuzo Okubo

Contemporary Master Craftsman
The late Ryuzo Okubo
Since he got into the world of urushi lacquering at the age of 15 being influenced by his father, a woodturner, he has been spending his whole carrier of 60 years on it.  While mastering his own technique, he won numerous awards. He worked on a bowl used at "Daijosai" enthronement ceremony of Emperor Akihito in 1990. His works are favored by Imperial Household, including Empress Michiko. He is specified as "intangible cultural heritage" (Sabae-city, Fukui) and one of the "Contemporary Master Craftsman" by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.

The History of KASHOEN

The founder Shozo Takamoto started manufacturing and marketing brushes in Kumano-Cho, Hiroshima.
The second president Tadashi Takamoto started manufacturing of painting brushes and makeup brushes.
The third president Takushi Takamoto and his younger brother Masahiro Takamoto founded Takamoto Co., Ltd. and incorporated the business.
Masahiro Takamoto developed Japanese traditional brushes with modern manufacturing methods, standardized pure domestic brushes and globalized it after research and development in the field of western-style painting brushes. He started exporting Kumano brushes (for makeup and painting) for the first time in Japan, which enjoyed 90% of the market share.
Designated as a company contributing to exports by Hiroshima Prefecture.
Started manufacturing of the first Kumano luxury makeup brushes with modern methods. (Commercialized the first full-scale face brushes with Kanebo COSMETICS INC.) Started exporting painting and makeup brushed directly to the Western countries. (Garrett Hewitt International LLC, CHANEL, GUERLAIN, Origins, Max Factor, REVLON and Elizabeth Arden) Started business with Japan's largest drawing material manufacturer.
The 4th president Masahiro Takamoto invented modern handicraft production method utilizing traditional techniques of craftsmen to boost productivity.
Masahiro Takamoto aimed at domestic production of all high-quality artificial hair with Toray Industries, Inc..
The first domestic Today nylon hair was manufactured. Started direct export to MG America, Robert Simmons, FM Brush.
Started supplying painting brushes to Windsor & Newton (UK) and Royal Talens (NL) with the designation "Royal". Started business with Da Vinci (DE) and Ochean (DE). Successfully automated painting of brush handles for the first time in the world. Exhibited at Messe Frankfurt.
Exhibited at Messe Frankfurt.
Started business with Estée Lauder Companies Inc., (US) Exhibited at Messe Frankfurt.
Started business with NOEVIR. Successfully automated adhering of brush hair for the first time in the world.
Successfully automated making of brush hair for the first time in the world. Annual revenue reached 3.5 billion yen. The 4th president Masahiro Takamoto trained a number of brush craftsmen and made an effort to strengthen infrastructure of brush manufacturing in Kumano to boost productivity for global demand.
The 5th president Naohide Takamoto established an office in Hong Kong.
Established KASHOEN Co., Ltd. to sell original brand makeup brushes. Launched a new brand SHOKO.
Exhibited at HBA Global EXPO in New York.
Launched a new brand KASHOEN
Launched a new brand PASTEL FACE.
Succeeded business of Takamoto Co., Ltd. and started manufacturing and marketing of makeup, painting, medical and nail art brushes. Launched a new brand S-pro for professionals.
Opened a showroom in the head office.
Exhibited at beautyworld JAPAN WEST in OSAKA
Exhibited at beautyworld JAPAN 2008 in TOKYO and beautyworld JAPAN WEST in OSAKA.
Exhibited at Gift show 2009 Spring in TOKYO.
Opened KAHOEN Hiroshima.
KAHOEN Hiroshima receives an award of "Superior Stores in Hiroshima, 2010.
Opened KAHOEN boutique Ginza.(Currently closed)
The History of KASHOEN
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