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Heigo Sato



Heigo Sato was born in Tokyo in 1966. After graduating university, he joined the Mazda motor company in 1990 and was involved in Sales, Human Resources, and sales promotions. In 1993, he joined LIFE ART Ltd., a private company where he was regularly exposed to products created by highly-skilled, professional artisans who worked in traditional ways. Working as an intermediary between the artisans and customers, Sato developed a love, indeed an obsession, and eventually a desire to create goods "of Japan". Less interested in simply selling and thinking more in terms of genuine satisfaction and value, Sato, making the best of the highly-skilled, creative professionals and wonderful raw materials Japan is blessed with, established his own brand, "HEIGO", in November 2006, and was shortly after appointed CEO of LIFE ART.

Feeling a powerful sense of commitment and purpose, HEIGO endorses the value of customer satisfaction by conveying those feelings to the artisans who create the pieces. "The understanding of things and people is a delight for all - The joy goes round and round. We want to continue enlarging the snowman of happiness."

Personal Motto: Sense, Imagine, Create; in the end history can be changed.

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