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by Otomaru

Vehicle wood-print art using multi woodblocks in Ukiyo-e style

This vehicle art print is a wood-print made in the same technique and process used on Ukiyo-e wood prints including famous Hokusai and Utamaro. Our wood-print arts are all handmade carefully in a traditional polychrome printing method, using one woodblock per color. These Ukiyo-e style wood-prints have been made depicting the modern subjects of 20th-century culture since 1990. The designer, the engraver, and the printer are working together to publish these handmade wood-print arts at Kamiya workshop.

Product Details

零售商 Japan


    Subject: Ayrton Senna's Williams Renault FW16 (1994)

  • Dimensions of wood- print: H140xW280mm (H5.5 x W11.0 in)
  • Weight: 15g (0.5 oz)
  • Technique: wood-print (water-soluble printing color)
  • Picture frame or matte paper not include
  • Simple Packaging: Supported by cardboard and wrapped in a Japanese paper
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    Ayrton Senna's Williams Renault FW16 - wood-print art

    SKU: K011-3139-01

    Kami Ya Co., Ltd.

    ¥ 15,058
    转换为其他货币 USD 100.52


    ¥ 5,200
    (转换为其他货币 USD 34.71)
    Gift wrapping available
    • Williams Renault FW16


      ¥ 15,058
      日本国内配送: 6-7个工作日送达
      海外配送: It takes a few more days.

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