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Shibuya-ku Tokyo

"HOHTAI" the world's first new material

Rogin has developed their original new material "HOHTAI (bandage)" with excellent elasticity, breathability, and quick-drying. It is based on the fabric of medical bandage that is excellent in cleanliness and does not put a burden on the skin. As a result of the cooperation with the leading bandage manufacturer in Japan, trials and errors in their original soft processing, spinning ratio and weaving method based on the normal bandage fabric, they created ultimate underwear that has both gentle feel of cotton material and comparable breathability of mesh material of synthetic fibers.

The HOHTAI Underwear - Comfort as if you weren't wearing anything

These hand-made ultra-premium briefs breathe like you wouldn't believe. They are so soft and silky-smooth on your skin that you may hardly notice you are wearing. Great for sports and daily wear. HOHTAI material brings you the ultimate comfort through all season. It isn’t see-through but the light shines through.

Shiro Nogi

The prejudice to Making Products of Rogin Inc. was borne by the Spirit of "BUSHIDO". Delicate sensitivity which can feel the four seasons which Japanese people have, And Japanese Takumi's technology Spirit which is continuing being handed down. It is the Spirit of BUSHIDO "jin,Gi,Rei,Chi,Shin" about these. It is sure that it is missions of "志道SIDO" to make the next generation hand down.
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