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Crystal Glass Art Specialists
Kōtō-ku, Tokyo

Horiguchi Kiriko

In 1921, during Japan’s Taishō era, Ichio Horiguchi, the first of a lineage of craftsmen to bear the ‘Shūseki’ title, began his apprenticeship under the master of the Edo Kiriko arts, Kikuichiro Kobayashi. Two generations later, Ichio’s grandson Tōru Horiguchi served his own apprenticeship as a pupil of Shūseki (II), Tomio Suda (designated by Tokyo’s Kōtō ward as a Holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property). In 2008, as the third master of the Shūseki line, Tōru established Horiguchi Kiriko to be a successor to the artistry and spirit of the Edo Kiriko craft.

At Horiguchi Kiriko, we approach glass with a sincerity that recognizes its dignity, commanding clarity and florid brilliance. It is our day-to-day endeavor to reveal these virtues in ways we hope will move, delight and amaze our customers. Horiguchi Kiriko safeguards the tradition behind the craft so that we can continue to offer our customers genuine Edo Kiriko.

Kiriko Cut Glass

In 1834, during the final decades of Japan’s Edo period, Kyūbei Kagaya (a craftsman and proprietor of a glassware store in the city of Edo’s Ōdenmachō) began incorporating garnet powder into his glass cutting practice. The techniques and workmanship that developed around this approach came to define the art and enduring character of Edo Kiriko. Over 160 years later, in the 14th year of Japan’s Heisei era (2002), Edo Kiriko was officially designated as a ‘Traditional Craft’ by the central government.


Toru Horiguchi was born in Tokyo in 1976. After apprenticing under the second Shūseki, Tomio Suda (designated by Tokyo’s Kōtō ward as a Holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property), Toru inherited his master’s tile and succeeded to the position of ‘Shūseki (III)’. Not soon after, he established his own studio, ‘Horiguchi Kiriko’. Toru is a certified Traditional Craftsman of Edo Kiriko.
Toru’s works have been the subject of many highly acclaimed exhibitions in Japan, such as his self-titled showcase ‘Toru Horiguchi, Shūseki (III)’ at Tokyo’s prestigious Takashimaya department store. However, he has also exhibited abroad in such locations as New York City, Paris and London - where he was invited to display at the Embassy of Japan in the UK. Toru’s craftsmanship has earned him numerous awards, including, amongst.



Senna Misawa was born in Gunma Prefecture in 1989. Senna became aware of the works of Shūseki (III) Toru Horiguchi during her undergraduate studies at Meiji University’s School of Business. What she saw left a deep impression and upon graduation, she immediately sought an apprenticeship. In 2014, she entered Horiguchi Kiriko with the determination to one day inherit the skills, techniques and teachings of the Edo Kiriko craft.



Yuki Sakamoto was born in Hokkaidō (the northernmost of Japan’s main islands) in 1998. While studying at Rumoi high school, Yuki became interested in traditional glass cutting and applied to Horiguchi Kiriko in the hope of receiving a work experience placement. In 2017, he entered the company as a full-time member of staff which, at that time, made him Japan’s youngest Edo Kiriko apprentice. Every day, he approaches his work with diligence and devotion.

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