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Seller of the golf products

CREVIA is a company that supports golfers who pursue to hit the golf ball drive farther

Founded by Shinobu Saeki, the holder of Guinness officially certified world record ™ “The longest golf shot kneeling: 255 yards (drive with a carry)”, CREVIA helps those who want to hit the golf ball farther choose the best golf clubs and teaches secret techniques to maximize the performance of the leading-edge golf clubs that Roots Golf delivers in confidence.

On the fairway of a long hall still 180 yards away from the green, you want to hit the next shot that carries your ball as close as possible to the pin. Now you are thinking about which club you should choose from your bag. At such times, the longer the distance you can hit gives the more advantageous position you can take for choosing the right club.

CREVIA, the shot distance creator company, continues to pursue the longest drive distance of the golf ball you can hit, which is the dream of millions of golfers in the world..

CREVIA will support positive thinking golfers around the world by introducing the leading-edge golf clubs through a strong partnership with Roots Golf.


The Roots Jin DRIVER with Super AerMet

Aim for the longest tee shot distance in your golfing history.

A driver features a new structure drum head with three design secrets on its cup face, crown, and body structures, amplifies the energy required to extend the driving golf ball distance.

The new drum head structure of the Roots Jin Driver is designed to make its face, crown, and body simultaneously warp together at the moment hitting the golf ball. The action provides the driver with the effects of holding the golf ball softly at the impact moment and then releasing it in full acceleration off the tee.

You also can enjoy the nice-to-the-touch ball hitting impact and the launching velocity generated by the Super AerMet Steel Head, which is 2.4 times stronger than the ones made of titanium (SLE rule compliant).


Samural Iori

Samurai dojo teacher
Guinness World Record Holder
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