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by Hajime Narukawa

Rejigged globe representing the true relative sizes of continents & seas

The Winner of 2016 GOOD DESIGN GRAND AWARD in Japan!

The ‘AuthaGraph’ World Map Poster

The Mercator Projection, named after geographer Gerardus Mercator (1512 ~ 1594), is the map of the world first revealed in 1569 that is still the generally accepted image we have of the planet. It is flawed, however, in that it dramatically distorts the sizes of Antarctica and Greenland (Antarctica was yet to be discovered when the Mercator Projection was invented). The AuthaGraph by contrast, is a modern innovative map that frames the world’s physical components (continents, seas, etc.) in a 2D rectangle, while representing their relative sizes as accurately as possible. Antarctica, for instance, can be seen at the bottom right, close to South America, Africa and Australia.

Flat Earth without ends!

The ‘AuthaGraph’ World Maps Poster

It matters not in which direction we choose to walk, the end of the Earth clearly can never be reached. In a feat of modern ingenuity that neatly combines some forty AuthaGraphic world maps, the continents and oceans of the world have been reproduced on a 2D rectangular poster map which shows movement in any direction with no dead ends.

Every world map that has been invented since the Mercator Projection was first revealed in 1569 can be divided into two groups. One group fits the world into a rectangle by distorting the continents. The other group corrects the distortion, but at the cost of the rectangular shape. This is what drove Narukawa to create a map which is rectangular like the Mercator Projection map, and yet correctly projects the continents like the Dyxmaxion Map (revealed in 1946).

There are many applications for this world map using the AuthaGraph projection method. For example, the size and shape of the ozone hole above Antarctica can easily be grasped, and it becomes visually clear why it’s necessary to fly from Tokyo to Brazil via Houston!

As this is a method of projecting a sphere onto a rectangle, its use isn’t limited to depicting coastlines. Taking continental drift for instance, the 600 million year history of continent movements can be expressed with AuthaGraph. India, for example, can be seen breaking away from Madagascar, drifting across the Indian ocean, and colliding with Eurasia to form the Himalayas. Such geological themes can be visually expressed and easily understood.

By its very nature, the spherical world we inhabit has no dead ends. As ancient peoples believed the world existed on an infinite plane, so a sphere and an infinite plane are geometrically very similar. Through tiling or tessellation, Narukawa reproduced an endless world map in 2D as faithfully as possible to the original sphere. Using this as a base, a variety of other maps with different themes can be created.

Taking world history as yet another example, it is possible to plot historical events. During the Age of Discovery beginning in 1475, many adventurers took to the seas. In search of India, Colombus went west and Vasco da Gama east. Using AuthaGraph, the routes they took can be drawn on a single map. It is possible to show how Magellan and Elcano made their circumnavigations, and even how Captain Cook made three trips around the world.

Narukawa’s innovative idea allows us to visualize the world in new ways.

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Customer Reviews

  • AuthaGraph World Map

    By MBowie
    Age: 60s
    Gift for student.
  • Cool designed map

    By Anton
    Age: 20s
    I like maps since I was a child, and this one is really unique. It took a bit longer than I expected to ship it to Latvia from Japan, but it was worth it.
  • Bellissima la mappa, leggermente rovinato un angol

    By Andrew
    Age: 20s
    La mappa è molto molto bella, peccato per un angolo leggermente rovinato, spedizione un po lunga ma accettabile. Consiglio vivamente Per gli italiani, occhio ai 12€ di dogana
  • purchased AuthaGraph World Map

    By Valued Customer
    Age: 50s
    The AuthaGraph World map was delivered as promised and in excellent condition. There were no folds, notches, or bends. Item as described on the web site. I would purchase another item from them.
  • AuthaGraph World Map Review

    By Craig
    Age: 60s
    Product was received as expected and arrived in perfect condition. Excellent purchase. The map provides good detail and is large enough to display that detail in a format that is easy to read.
  • Good overall service

    By Amir
    Age: 60s
    Received the map in very good condition. Slight delay in shipment that I was not notified of but not a big deal. Very interesting map.
  • Authagraph Map

    By Bonnie
    Age: 50s
    Thank you so much. You're order and shipping emails were much appreciated, you responded to my email quickly and with answers. The map arrived sooner than expected and in great shape. It is a gift, so I haven't opened the tube, but will instagram a photo when the gift is opened. Thank you I am very happy with this transaction and cannot wait to see this amazing new map!
  • Map

    By CH
    Age: 20s
    Easy to order Quick delivery to the US Product arrived as advertised
  • The Best Map in the World!

    By Russell
    Age: 40s
    The AuthaGraph is simply the best map available anywhere in the world. The paper stock is exceedingly high quality. The printing is crisp and vibrant. It arrived very quickly and the price is very fair for an item of this quality. Definitely a fantastic gift or just for your library.
  • So fast...

    By Magnus
    Age: 40s
    I got the delivery so fast, I live in Sweden
  • Beautiful Cartography

    By Andrew
    Age: 60s
    The map is so unique and avant garde - a well designed presentation.
  • My Map

    By Walter
    Age: 60s
    Package arrived on time very well protected in a tightly wrapped container, and the map is as advertised. Loving it.
  • Beautiful Map!

    By Gary
    Age: 50s
    From the quality of the paper, to the ink colors and precise lines and labels, this map is gorgeous. I can't wait to get it mounted and framed to hang on the wall. It will be a great conversation piece as people look at the way this map is projected as compared to everyone's usual view of the Earth via the Mercatur projection. And the map nerd in me will have fun explaining it.
  • Super

    By Jozef
    Age: 40s
    I am very satisfied with the delivery of orders
  • AuthaGraph World Map

    By Aviv
    Age: 20s
    Thank you!
  • Great map, excellent packaging

    By Jijoe
    Love the map.
  • Great map

    By Sam
    Age: 40s
    Very happy to finally own my own copy of a detailed and correctly proportioned world map. Better to see the world as it really is.

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