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Authagraph and Geografia by Marumo Print

Authagraph and Geografia by Marumo Print
Hi-tech Printing
Mitoyo, Kagawa

Unique Printing Tech

Marumo Printing is a long-established firm based in Kagawa, Japan. Founded in 1919, the company continues to print flyers, packaging materials and posters for local companies while embracing a wide range of hi-tech methods such as UV offset and afterglow printing. In 2007, the firm launched a new brand. Sold in museum shops, gift shops and bookstores in some 23 countries, ‘geografia’ products, based on the Earth’s geography and topography, are proving extremely popular the world over. Marumo Printing plans to continue putting energy into producing their own brands using specialist-printing tech to realize their full potential as an innovative, forward thinking printing company.
Authagraph and Geografia by Marumo Print

Earth’s Axis, 23.4 Degree Sectional Globe

Designed to lean at exactly the angle of the Earth’s tilt (23.4 degrees) when placed on a desk, this series of 4 different sectional paper globes showing the Earth’s configuration are each created using unique specialist printing tech such as after-glow, UV screen printing, and so on. For enjoyment as both a finished ‘object’ and an educational toy, these globes are designed to teach details of the Earth's structure when the core and the surface parts are assembled. To hang one from the ceiling, pass a length of string through the gap and simply pin it up!
Authagraph and Geografia by Marumo Print

Hajime Narukawa : Inventor of AuthaGraph

Narukawa, 40, took his first steps on the road to accurately redrawing the map of the world nearly 20 years ago at the Shibaura Institute of Technology in Tokyo, where his interest in geometry led to him studying the so-called geodesic dome structures developed by U.S. engineer, designer and inventor Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983).


Authagraph and Geografia by Marumo Print

Drill Design : Designers of Geografia

Founded in the year 2000 by Yusuke Hayashi and Yoko Yasunishi who both studied design in college, DRILL DESIGN is a studio where the pair give total project direction in various fields such as Product, Graphic, and Interior Design. The products they design, which are mainly everyday objects such as furniture, stationery, gardening tools, and kitchen utensils, are available for sale in many countries around the world, including the MoMA Store in New York. They have won numerous awards such as the Good Design special Award.


Authagraph and Geografia by Marumo Print
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