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Cosmetics Researcher & Manufacturer
Minato-ku, Tokyo

For a stunning complexion

Bring out your skin’s inner radiance

With the bewildering array of products available, and the often-conflicting advice of ‘experts’, it is hardly surprising that many women don’t know which way to turn to attain beautiful skin.

Convinced that fundamental skincare is about moisturizing, LENA JAPON (LJ) developed a simple yet elegant skincare formula for women of all ages and skin types for use in any environment and climate. Each alcohol and color free product is created from a range of beauty fruits, summer vegetables extracts and ultrapure water. Designed for use as a set, each one works to bring out and maintain the inner beauty of all skin types while focusing on achieving optimum skin moisture balance.

Simple 3 Steps

Step 1: Double Cleanse
Remove make-up before whipping up a lather by hand using the Moist Bar*. Double wash your face to gently remove all impurities. This will enhance the effect of Step 2.

*The LJ Moist Bar is an alcohol free, bubble rich facial soap. Containing a subtle blend of quince seed extract, lotus seed germ extract and fermented Chardonnay grape extract, use it twice when washing your face. The initial wash gently reduces excess natural oils, while the second exfoliates without causing dehydration.

Step 2: Double Moisturize
Apply either LJ Moist balance L* or R** immediately after double washing your face. Reapply after the lotion has been absorbed. The first application moistens the skin, while the second should be generous as it promotes skin suppleness. The amount of Moist Balance you apply may be adjusted according to the season, the ambient temperature and the current condition of your skin.

*LJ Moist Balance L (light) has a thin consistency and is more easily absorbed by the skin than R. The delicately scented L (wild roses and rosemary) contains among many other carefully blended ingredients micro-emulsified squalene oils (derived from olives), which leads to flawless skin.

**LJ Moist Balance R (rich) has a thicker consistency than L. With the exception of squalene oil, R contains all the ingredients present in L, and also Tuberose, Trahalose and Betain. Making up R’s unique texture, these three formulae prevent dehydration even in the most severe conditions. Additionally, plant extract and two kinds of sodium hyaluronate provide moisture to the skin. R’s delicate scent is of wild roses and rosemary.

The number of applications and the order of in which you use the two lotions can be adjusted to suit your needs, but be sure to apply them generously. After putting Moist Balance on your face, apply any excess to your neck, elbows and hands.

Fine tuning
If you have both L and R, you can fine-tune the combination to suit your skin depending on the time, the season and your age. For example, in summer, a girl in her 20s with ‘Spring Skin’ may only need to apply Moist Balance L once, while in winter she may prefer to apply Moist Balance R on top of L, or vice versa, if her skin is dehydrated. Meanwhile, her mother in her 50s with ‘Autumn Skin’ may use Moist Balance L twice in summer (or L followed by R), then Moist Balance R twice on winter evenings… and so on.

Step 3: Protect
For effective UV protection, coat your skin with Moist Shimmer after double moisturizing. Moist Shimmer keeps skin hydrated with quince seed extract and Hyaluronate while providing SPF 30 and PA++ protection against daytime UV. To maintain effective screening, reapply every two to three hours as necessary. Moist Shimmer, which includes a tint designed to brighten the complexion, can also be used as pre-foundation cream.

(Moist Shimmer does not affect your skin. If you wish to remove it, use your regular make-up remover before double washing with the Moist Bar.)

Reiko Kanise

President of LENAJAPON (LJ)
Reiko Kanise
Reiko Kanise joined the Hakuhodo ad agency in 1975 where she worked, while parenting two children, as a branding specialist and copywriter primarily in the fields of food and cosmetics. Kanise later became President and CEO of Ion Forest, the controlling entity of 'The Body Shop' in Japan. Though hugely successful in the UK and elsewhere, the company struggled to make an impression when it was launched here in 1990. Under Kanise’s direction, however, The Body Shop became hugely popular in Japan.

The origins of LENAJAPON (LJ)

Based on motherly love, and her extensive knowledge and experience in the cosmetics industry, Kanise created the LENAJAPON (LJ) brand. Lena, Kanise’s 20-year-old daughter, spent five years living in dry climates abroad, which caused her skin to become severely dehydrated. Lena tried many products from a range of cosmetic companies, but was never happy with the results. Her mother assured her the situation would improve with time and patience, but a frustrated Lena wanted immediate results. Realizing there was a gap in the market, Kanise moved to develop a range of elegant yet simple skincare products that focus on moisturizing.


Kanise’s grandmother’s beautiful complexion was a major source of inspiration. Grandma always cleansed her face neatly before repeatedly applying beauty lotion. Grandma taught Kanise the basics of skincare, and it is upon this that the LENAJAPON skincare program is built.
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