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Maki Nagae

President & CEO, Kam.Balance Co., Ltd


The irregular flicker of a candle flame moves to the relaxing "1/f rhythm." Maki Nagae was enchanted by the charm of aroma candles which bring deep relaxation along with the rich fragrance of aroma oil. It took her five years to create MAKI'S CANDLE, the ultimate candle that is safe and gentle to your body and that changes the hearts and lives of the people who use it.




"We use aroma candles every day. Its vapors directly enter the body through your month and nose, like food or medicine. Is this safe?"

Maki Nagae used to sell dental equipment and materials and health foods. Her story of being enchanted by the charm of aroma candles and eventually leading to the development and selling of her own candles started from the various questions she asked from her thorough observations of existing products from the customer's viewpoint - "Why does wax remain unused in the container?" "Why can't you use all of the wax?" "Why are only artificial scents available?" "Why are there so few safe and healthy products?" "Why aren't 100% natural products popular?"... She became determined to create her own candles if such products don't exist, then spent about five years researching and creating the candle that addresses all of her questions: MAKI'S CANDLE.

Ms. Nagae tested more than 250 types of candles during her five-year research, whereupon she decided to create aroma candles using 100% natural beeswax, carrier oil and essential oil.

Beeswax is a somewhat mystical gift from nature which is created by honey bees sucking in flower nectar in its mouth, then mixing its pollen with secretions from wax-producing mirror glands on the abdomen. Beeswax is a natural material that contains propolis and other various nutrients that are not found in artificial materials or soy wax. Its qualities vary depending on the environment where it is made and how it is managed by the beekeeper. Ms. Nagae spent many years performing numerous experiments using beeswax collected from almost all over the world and finally met beeswax created from blackberries found in Oregon, U.S.A. She vistied the site and checked the environment, safety, quality, color and fragrance herself, whereupon she decided to adopt this particular beeswax.

Its aromatic molecules not only reach the brain through your nostrils but also enter your lungs through breathing, where they enter the bloodstream through the walls of the blood vessels and are distributed throughout your body. Therefore, only 100% natural essential oils are used to make the ultimate aroma candle that can be used as a tool to maintain the health of your body and mind.

Further, Ms. Nagae is persistent that the candles should not only be functional , but also elegant and luxurious. Her persistence can be seen in her numerous experiments that created the beautiful glass containers which contain the beeswax that is normally difficult to pour into containers. It can also be seen in coming up with her original idea that enables you to use almost all of the beeswax and her idea to use synthetic silk to create an original box.

Beeswax candles have been made since around 3,000 B.C. In ancient times, they were rare and expensive, so that only royalty, the church, and the affluent could use them. Ms. Nagae strives to teach people about the appeal of beeswax which cannot be made in large quantities but have been made throughout the ages, so that more people can live enriched lives. Towards this end, she trains therapists and is active in promotional activities through her seminars as the Representative Director of the Candle Therapy Association of Japan.

- Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1953
- Master Candle Therapist
- Reiki Teacher
- JSDA Certified Medical Aroma Coordinator
- JSDA Certified Beauty Advisor
- JNF Certified Supplement Advisor

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