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Saren Nagata



Saren Nagata’s work, such as picturesque is actually all characters. They are born all in one from "poetry". Selecting one of the "characters" from the poem and put the image in the character. This is the style of Saren... Blooming in 感謝 “gratitude" shows “thank you to the female friends”. Laughing 笑 “smile" shows her cheer to you who make an effort to smile. There is a story hidden in all stuff. Wishing Saren’s free and honest work will bloom in your heart.

Saren Nagata was born in 1981 in Chiba prefecture and apparently started developing an interest in calligraphy at only 3 years old! She left high school at the age of 15 to begin training as a calligrapher, qualified in 2002 and obtained her licence to practise in 2003. In 2005 Saren wrote a delightful book 'Here I am' and has since exhibited her highly aclaimed work widely, including at the Hotel Nikko in Tokyo in 2011 where we first discovered her fresh and contemporary designs.

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