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HOME > PRODUCTS > ALL > TABLEWARE > Wine & SAKE Glass > Pure Tin Sake Decanter & Cups
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Charming simplicity captures the essence of Japanese aesthetics!

The perfect accompaniment for beginning or enhancing a life-long love affair with the exquisite flavors of Sake.

Whether you're a seasoned Sake sampler, or a beginner setting out on the road to mastering the mysteries of Sake sipping etiquette, the Bamboo Sake Set is the perfect way to enhance your enjoyment. The stunning combination of bamboo design and superb hammered finish beautifully captures the very essence of the Japanese spirit.

This set of inspired art, in the guise of Sake-ware, is the brain-child of one Kimio Nonaga, a young Japanese cuisine chef of Nihombashi Yukari, a prestigious restaurant noted for its traditional cuisine. Nonaga achieved national fame after appearing on and finally winning the title of 'Iron Chef' on the famous TV show of the same name.

The aesthetically perfect Bamboo Sake Set is made of 100% pure tin. Believed to remove impurities and so markedly improve the flavor of Sake, you should be aware that the choice of pure tin, combined with the set's inherent beauty, may cause you to consume more of your favorite Sake!!

Created at the NOUSAKU Foundry in the talent filled cast-metal working Takaoka City, the Bamboo Sake Set components are given a hammered finish by an accomplished specialist, Kenji Mizumaki, whose magic hands create a wonderfully smooth, gentle texture. Upon completion, the underside of each piece is stamped with the hallmark, “NOUSAKU” and “Nihombashi Yukari” in Japanese characters.

Presented in a bespoke paulownia wood box, the set is a pleasure to own and use, and makes a superb gift that cannot fail to please.


  • Material: 100% Pure Tin
  • Pitcher: H170 x Ø55 (H6.7 x Ø2.2 in.)
  • Cup x 2: H50 x Ø48 (H2 x Ø1.9 in.)
  • Total Weight: 1000g (35.3 oz)

Care Tips

Using a soft cloth or sponge, wash with mild soap. If your Sake Pitcher set becomes tarnished, a commercially available metal polish or baking soda, will bring back its luster.

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3 weeks from today¥32,400$300.59Add to Cart

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Pure Tin Sake Decanter & Cups
Tin Decanter Set by NOUSAKU
PRICE ¥32,400 JPY
by U.S. Dollar.
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$300.59 USD
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¥3,437 JPY
APPROX $34.44  USD
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