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by Hacoa

Charming timber timepiece

Languishing lumber

Like its big brother (The Wall Clock), the somewhat smaller Wall Clock Mini is a handsomely engineered single slab of timber with a Japanese quartz movement. Also presented in a choice of solid walnut or maple, the clock’s face beautifully shows off its unique natural wood grain patterns. Enhanced by a super smooth satin finish, it has cleanly drilled holes which elegantly indicate the numeral positions while metal matte black hour and minute hands accurately point out the time.

A graceful yet simple addition to the stylish modern home, this outstanding timepiece can be wall-mounted via a dedicated ‘keyhole’, it can stand and be admired on a mantelpiece or tabletop, or (and this is the best bit) two strong magnets embedded in the back allow it to be 'stuck' to metal surfaces! It's screaming to go on the fridge!

The Coolness:

  • Solid, genuine walnut or maple
  • Natural wood grain patterns
  • Handmade by expert Hacoa artisans
  • Satin finish
  • Cleanly drilled holes indicate the numeral positions
  • Matte black metal hour & minute hands
  • Runs on a single AA battery (supplied)
  • Can be wall-mounted, stand alone, or 'stuck' on a metal surface with its embedded magnets
  • Shipped in a handsome matte black box
  • Very cool gift
  • Designed and made in Japan

Hacoa - Ecology, Hacoa style.

Based in Fukui prefecture, Yamaguchi Crafts began life some 50 years ago producing wooden boxes to be urushi lacquered. Concerned about the ever increasing consumption of plastics in the developed world, in 2001 they began to produce ecologically friendly items under the brand name Hacoa (taken from ‘hako’ meaning box in Japanese). Hacoa create beautiful, useful wooden items to fit our environmentally friendly, modern lifestyles. Occasionally also producing one-off items, in 2002 they created a name box to commemorate the birthday of Princess Aiko, and in 2004 were commissioned to produce wooden plaques for two luxury cruise liners, the Diamond Princess and the Sapphire Princess.

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Product Details

Selling Agency Japan


  • Material: Genuine, Solid Maple or Walnut
  • Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 27mm (4 x 4 x 1 in. approx.)
  • Weight: 160g (5.6 oz approx.)
  • Coating: Clear Polyurethane
  • Battery: 1 x AA battery

Note: As HACOA use only genuine timber, the grain patterns and colors of products vary slightly. Please be aware that the item you receive will not be exactly the same as the image.

Kindly Note As HACOA use only genuine timber, the grain patterns and colors of products vary slightly. Please be aware that the item you receive will not be exactly the same as the image.

All the products handling in ALEXCIOUS are the genuine products from the original makers.

Wall Clock Mini


¥ 11,650
In other currencies $ 108.37 USD

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¥ 2,180
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  • Maple


    ¥ 11,650
    Domestic: Delivery in 5-6 business days.
    Overseas: It takes a few more days.

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