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Long: Gerbera Green, Poppy Brown
Long Rose Black
Short Gerbera Black
  • Boot Shape Retainers
  • Long Rose Black
  • Short Gerbera Black
  • INFO
  • SPEC

Stylish Storage for ‘Fragrance’ & Moisture Free Footwear

The eco-friendly, healthy way to store and effectively protect your precious boots from the inside - Use a pair of Sumi Kusa Hana* Boot Shapers to keep your boots in immaculate condition. Designed specifically to elegantly keep boots upright and crease free while at the same time effectively deodorizing and dehumidifying them, Sumi Kusa Hana Boot Shapers are also great at keeping shoe storage areas fresh and tidy!

Charcoal is the active ingredient that gives Sumi Kusa Hana Boot Shapers their excellent deodorizing and dehumidifying properties. Each pair, in a choice of long or short to suit the length of your boots, is decorated with a simple floral design. Each one is full of 100% natural, microscopically porous charcoal, a large handful of which has about the same surface area as a soccer pitch!

Established in 2003, IOTC recycles timber from a wide variety of sources. The company specializes in manufacturing innovative products using this valuable resource, the superb Sumi Kusa Hana Boot Shapers being one of them!

The Long and the Short of it:

  • Keeps boots in immaculate condition
  • Keeps them upright and in shape
  • Keeps boots odor free
  • Keeps them moisture free (For long-term use, hang them outside to dry occasionally)
  • Created in Japan

*Sumi Kusa Hana is Japanese for 'Charcoal Grass Flower'.


  • Material: Charcoal Filled Non-woven Fabric
  • Size: Short 330mm (13in.), Long 430mm (17in.)
  • Designs: Gerbera, Poppy, Rose
Sumi Kusa Hana VariationJPYUSD (APPROX.)
Short Gerbera Black¥1,944$18.04Add to Cart
Short Poppy Black¥1,944$18.04Add to Cart
Short Rose Black¥1,944$18.04Add to Cart
Long Gerbera Green¥2,160$20.04Add to Cart
Long Poppy Brown¥2,160$20.04Add to Cart
Long Rose Black¥2,160$20.04Add to Cart

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Boot Shape Retainers
Sumi Kusa Hana by IOTC
PRICE ¥1,944 - 2,160 JPY
by U.S. Dollar.
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$18.04 -  $20.04  USD
To United States.
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¥1,737 JPY
APPROX $17.40  USD
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