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Cosy, Comfy, Japanese House Slippers

Modern comfortable house slippers are based upon a Japanese design from the late nineteenth century. Trade was increasing with Westerners and, accustomed to removing their shoes before entering homes, the Japanese invented slippers for foreigners to wear inside their homes.

BREEZE BRONZE slippers are lightweight, soft and cosy to keep feet and toes warm in the cooler winter months. With the added advantage of their extremely effective deodorizing fabric, BB slippers never need to be washed.

A 'SHOES-OFF' Policy!

Most people who know a little about Japan are aware that shoes are not to be worn inside family houses. Many schools, restaurants, medical and dental facilities have a similar policy. The Japanese custom of providing slippers for guests, customers or patients to wear is not only a very polite welcoming gesture, it's also very hygienic. Of course in the West, some families enforce a NO SHOES rule in their homes too, whereby both visitors and family members alike are expected to remove their shoes when entering the house. There are a number of very good reasons for having such a rule; carpets get dirty, hardwood floors get dented and scratched by heels, shoes may carry toxins that may be harmful to children, or it may be that removing shoes is a cultural norm for the family. Whatever the reason, removing shoes certainly promotes a more relaxed atmosphere in the home.

The Science

Though many have tried, BREEZE BRONZE are the only company in the world to successfully manipulate the chemical composition of cotton fiber using graft polymerization techniques to introduce a permanent deodorizing element on the molecular level. This modified cotton fiber called Carboxylic Cellulosic Fiber (-COOH) is extremely effective in dramatically reducing unpleasant odors like ammonia, isovaleric acid (found in foot sweat and other equally alluring places), and acetic acid. For the scientists among us, its neutralizing chemical reaction with ammonia goes like this:

-COOH + NH 3 -> -COONH 4

Brand Certification

STIA (Shikoku Towel Industrial Association) certifies that BB products are of the highest quality and made in Japan.

JTETC (Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council) certifies the deodorant effects of Breeze Bronze products. BB are the only towel manufacturer in Japan endorsed by a deodorant organization!

OZONE (O3) To keep their carbon footprint to a minimum, BB use O3 when manufacturing thread.


  • Material: 100% cotton uppers
  • Sizes: M (25cm / US 8), L (27cm / US 9.5)
  • Color: Cream
Breeze Bronze SizeJPYUSD (APPROX.)
M: 25 cm¥3,240$30.07Add to Cart
L: 27 cm¥3,240$30.07Add to Cart

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Japanese House Slippers
by Breeze Bronze
PRICE ¥3,240 JPY
by U.S. Dollar.
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$30.07 USD
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¥1,437 JPY
APPROX $14.40  USD
Size / Material
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Kindly Note : This item is NOT washable. Please wipe it gently with cloth moistened with very thin neutral detergent and squeezed hard. Then, finish by wiping it with cloth moistened with water and squeezed hard.
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