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Yuugi by Kyoho

Yuugi by Kyoho
Textile Dyeing Specialists
Kyoto-city, Kyoto

News & Events

Yuugi exibited their new textile "yuugi × Ultrasuede ®" in Toray Industries Inc.'s booth at the World Premier Fabric Show "PREMIERE VISION" held in Feb. 2014.

yuugi × Ultrasuede ®

Ultrasuede® is a fabric so unique, it's a category all its own. The product of exclusive Toray Group technologies that are as capital-intensive as they are impossible to duplicate, Ultrasuede® delivers unparalleled luxury, appeal, performance and ease of care.

The world's most demanding designers look to Ultrasuede® for innovative solutions to their creative challenges. We challenge to dye yuugi-isegata-design to Ultrasuede by hand textile printing.

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Protecting & Improving Kyoto Textile Dyeing Tech

'Yuugi by Kyoho' is a kimono manufacturer established in 1955 in Kyoto. Collaborating with many local dyeing workshops, we always aim to make an impression and provide satisfaction to all those involved by creating top quality kimono, and protecting and improving the dyeing techniques for which Kyoto is rightly proud.
Yuugi by Kyoho

Macbook, iPad, Laptop Case

Featuring traditional 'Ise-Katagami'* motifs (patterns used for kimono decoration), these Laptop Cases are individually hand-sewn using heavy gauge, hand-dyed cotton (Tenassen process) at a Kyoto workshop. Stylishly re-working traditional Japanese patterns and colors, these tough, padded, hardwearing cases (with top quality zippers) are designed to designed to protect MacBooks, iPads and Laptops (11 inch).

Designated an Important Intangible Cultural Property, Katagami (Japanese paper stenciling) originated in the Nara Period (710-794), a time when Japan was beginning to find its cultural identity. Originally used as templates to decorate Samurai attire, as the centuries passed, the art of stenciling made great advances as kimono culture developed and flourished, and influenced design worldwide. These paper stencil patterns are called Ise-Katagami as they are created in the former Ise Province (present-day Mie prefecture).
Yuugi by Kyoho

Mio Oguni

Mio Oguni
A native of Kyoto city, Oguni graduated from the Art Department of Kyoto University of Education before joining a kimono manufacturing company where she became a successful designer. As she became more and more familiar with traditional Japanese patterns, colors and dyeing techniques, Oguni developed a strong interest in product planning (in order to make the best use of each tradition and process). With this experience behind her, she joined Kyoho Inc. and was a founding member of the 'Yuugi' start up team. Oguni is currently in charge of design planning and product development along with kimono designing.
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