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OneCover by Nissha Printing

OneCover by Nissha Printing
Hi-tech Printing
Kyoto-City, Kyoto

Trend Meets Technology

Nissha Printing Co., Ltd. was founded in Kyoto in 1929. Going beyond traditional printing, they have expanded into the field of decoration on plastic products and touch panels, growing in the global market.
Nissha is a future-oriented company with a mission to provide cultural and economic value to society through a wide variety of products and services around printing techniques. Nissha's brand statement, "Trend Meets Technology" express that customer satisfaction is created when the diverse market needs related to color, design and function meet their technology.

OneCover by Nissha Printing

OneCover (original smartphone cases)

OneCover is a series of original smartphone cases provided by Nissha Printing in Kyoto. Utilizing high-precision printing technology that Nissha can offer as a printing company, the colors of photos and illustrations are clearly reproduced. Original images printed on the scratch-resistant case are durable, less likely to peel off or fade, which enables you to enjoy your favorite case for a long time.
OneCover by Nissha Printing

Kyoto City

Kyoto City is based upon Heijokyo, the ancient capital of Japan. "City of millennium" is its another name as the Imperial Family and the court noble had lived there for nearly 1080 years. It also used to be the centre of Japanese political affairs during Heian period, Muromachi Shogunate of Muromachi period, Azuchi-momoyama period, and late Tokugawa shogunate.

Ever since since Heian period, the commerce and industry for urban dwellers had developed in this city. Especially in Edo period when the domestic distribution became prevalent, it had become an industrial city shipping products nationwide. Kyoto City maintains its legacy, as can be seen in traditional handicraft; furthermore, with industry-leading companies such as Nintendo and Wacoal, along with high-tech companies such as Kyocera and Shimadzu, which are headquartered in the city, Kyoto is one of the areas capable of sustaining current industries.

Another aspect of the city is known for its academic role where many colleges and universities including Kyoto University attract students and researchers from around the world.
Kyoto City
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