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Nihira Shoten

Nihira Shoten
Japanese Traditional Festival Clothing
Gyoda-City, Saitama

Supporting Japanese festivals as a reliable backseat player

Nihira Shoten is a specialty manufacturer of Japanese traditional festival clothing including the Hantako pants, Naga Monohiki pants, Haragake apron or Koikuchi shirts. These product names may not be familiar to you, but they are all essential items worn by festival participants in Japan. Supplying various festival items, Nihira Shoten has been supporting spectacular Japanese festivals from behind the scenes as a backseat player.

Nihira Shoten, under ownership of the current president’s father, was a famous maker of Tabi (traditional Japanese style socks) based in Gyoda city. As more people started wearing western-style socks and demand for Tabi decreased, the company received requests from customers to make Tabi to be used in festivals. In response, Nihira Shoten made improvements to create strong Tabi that can be worn without shoes. Prices were lowered so that people can casually wear Tabi even if it is only during the festival season. This was the start of Nihira Shoten’s entry into the world of festival wear.

In recent years, new types of festival wear such as Koikuchi slender shirts with colorful and fashionable patterns have gained popularity instead of the traditional Hanten. Production of ladies’ festival wear is also increasing as more and more women participate in Japanese traditional festivals due to the increasing health consciousness or increased popularity in traditional Japanese patterns. While meeting such various needs in design, Nihira Shoten also create tailor made festival wear customized for each customer. Traditional festival wear was originally worn as formal wear at holy festival rituals. It is also worn as work clothing that protects the wearer during the sometimes dangerous festival activities. For these reasons, Nihira Shoten strives to create high quality authentic products that can be neatly worn in a beautiful style.

Nihira Shoten

Traditional Japanese Pattern Aloha Shirt

Japanese traditional patterns - Carp, Hannya, Cherry Blossoms, Phoenix and Upsjowara Yukaku Chain, each of which has its meaning and long been familiar to Japanese, are made into a stylish Aloha Shirt. On the product page, there's the description of each pattern. Get a glimpse of the history of Japanese patterns that is little known even in Japan.
Nihira Shoten

Hiroshi Nihira

President of Nihira Shoten
Hiroshi Nihira

A Mikoshi carrier since his youth, Mr. Nihira develops his products by incorporating his rich festival experience and passion for festivals in addition to making use of advice from his many Mikoshi friends.
“I wish that Japanese festivals, which are the culmination of age-old wisdom and home to the minds of the Japanese people, will last forever. I am grateful that I can contribute to this wonderful tradition.”

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