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Jewelry design & manufacturing
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Started cancer patient support activities

KAMON JAPAN is a jewelry brand debuted in 2013 at ALEXCIOUS. Embellished with Swarovski® Crystals, each exquisite piece of jewelry is hand-made in Japan.

The products are designed in a small workshop in Kobe and manufactured in an ISO certified factory in Osaka. In 2019, support activities for cancer patients started in line with Pink Ribbon Day, a worldwide breast cancer awareness campaign.

The company donates a part of the proceeds to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, an international volunteer group that fulfills the dreams of children fighting intractable diseases.


KAMON JAPAN accessories

Craftsmen of KAMON JAPAN design and produce all the accessories based on the three cancer symbol colors, which are pink for breast cancer, gold for childhood cancer, and lavender for all cancers.

All metal parts of lapel pins and earrings are nickel-free as a countermeasure against potential metal allergies. All items are embellished with Swarovski® Crystals.

* Pacemaker users should refrain from purchasing due to the use of magnets.
* All metal parts are nickel-free as a countermeasure against metal allergies, but we do not guarantee that allergic reactions will not occur in all people.


Sonoi Oho

CEO & Brand Producer・Psychologist / Breast cancer patient
Sonoi Oho

After worked as CEO of a cybersecurity venture company, she obtained a psychologist's license. Today she is still an active business advisor. Her service includes mental treatment and support for company managers.

She developed breast cancer in 2014, had a complete resection of breast cancer, and received anticancer treatment subsequently. But cancer recurred three years later. Today she continues receiving long-term treatment.

“We found that the main cause of cancer developed all over the body was copy errors during the cell division process.” “Cancer is not a special disease which anyone can potentially develop,” says Oho. “Medical technology has advanced rapidly, and it has become possible to live with cancer while receiving treatment.”

“One day, my doctor told me that to live with cancer, I should not hurry, not get upset, and never give up.” “I want to enjoy life with these words in my heart,” she sais with a warm smile.

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