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Senko Takahashi

Contemporary Bijinga Artist Hand-Picked by Disney


One of only 30 artists globally, Senko Takahashi has been chosen as the ONLY Japanese official Disney Fine Art Artist!

Born in Tokyo in 1966, Senko Takahashi held his first joint art exhibition at the age of only 17. By 18, he already had enough material to put on a solo exhibition. After graduating from Tama Art University in 1987, he worked as a graphic designer in New York, and in 1990, held an exhibition at the Benedetti Gallery in Soho, New York. Takahashi has since held many other exhibitions and won numerous awards, his work gaining wide recognition and popularity. It has been heartily praised by many famous people in the art world such as print maker, Masuo Ikeda, and art director, Hachiro Suzuki.

"Bijinga, combining the beauty of the female form with the movement of air and wind, is the best way to express the Japanese spirit. Many forms of life are at the mercy of air since without breathing, they cannot live. Air is, therefore, an integral part of our existence. All life is full of love; it is born of nature and returns to nature."

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